A leader

Oh remember, America’s greatness
‘fore these sad, and appalling times.
Those who recall, the pride of the nation
‘fore elected, masters of crimes.

There’s no time, to give into tyranny,
none for weeping for the past times.
Let us stir the blood, that flows in our veins,
by the sound; of Liberty’s chimes.

 Look who we came from; a vast legacy
none cowards, to Kings they’d not bow.
They look upon us, their sons and daughters,
to speak,” These crimes we; disallow.”

Enough blaming, and pointing to other’s
enough lies, claimed innocence.
Saying they serve us, they serve but themselves,
no penance, from a seared conscience.

Time for the common man’s voice, to be heard,
bring peace to chaos; of today.
To lead from our midst, as in day’s of yore,
plain speech, common sense led the way.

Yes remember America’s glory,
she led out of her servant’s heart.
For she still deserves all; our allegiance,
and watch o’er, the battles rampart.


[last verse of the Star-spangled Banner]

O! thus be it ever when free men shall stand
between their loved homes and the foe’s desolation;
Bless’d with victory and peace, may our heaven rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation
Then conquer we must, for our cause is just
And this be our motto ” In God is our trust!”

And the Star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Peeping Tom


  Peeping Tom

I looked out my window to see
someone was staring back at me
Grabbed my robe while closing the blind
still no privacy could I find.

There on the phone and my p.c.
peeping Tom’s opportunity,
to know my business, day-to-day
each thought I have; and word I say.

Tom try’s to say it’s for my good,
for my defence, it’s understood.
He say’s stop acting paranoid,
for my own good Tom’s been employed.

Beg to differ, if I still may
don’t want my business on display.
Send a drone to my property,
to shoot it down seems fair to me.

Tarred and feathered, was at one time;
punishment for Peeping Tom’s crime.
Let’s revive it, what do you say?
Let’s stop that peeping N.S.A.

        c.d.m. 3/8/14

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To Vote

A leader

Please listen young people if
you think you are smart.
To one you may consider
to be a ‘old fart.’

Experience and time made
these wrinkles you see.
Wisdom can not be purchased
and doesn’t come free.

Some lessons only time can
reveal unto man.
You’ve but one life to live so
you must understand.

See all things can’t be replaced
when once they are lost.
The freedom we are graced with
came at a great cost.

Once it has been squandered on
vain philosophy,
it will never more come back
for you and for me.

So as you go to polls; think
‘fore you cast a vote;
” What does this person stand for?”
Keep Freedom Afloat.

          c.d.m. 3/3/14

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The Canvas


I looked upon the canvas blank
my heart leapt ‘neath my breast.
I lift my palette of mixed hues
my brush tip I caressed.

I pondered ore the empty span
mapped plans out in my heart.
I drew the brush across the plain
my vision fell apart.

How does one reach from mind to hand;
to express hearts desire.
How do you meld the two as one
‘fore vision does expire.

For failure is a bitter pill
when dreams do fall apart.
As eyes grow dim and hands grow weak
from emptiness of heart.

What’s left when dreams have fled the soul
and emptiness remains?
Except to bid this life farewell
and slip this sad life’s chains.
c.d.m.  2/11/14

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We did not see until; too late.
We would not heed the call.
We thought ourselves Americans.
With one heart one and all.

So with sad heart we must report,
it now is plain to see;
our gracious land is over run,
by a rank enemy.

This enemy does not comply,
at all with common heart,
of those who fight for freedom’s voice
as they have from the start.

No this foe will divide us and
sow upstarts in our place,
so as to tear down Liberty
and mock her to her face.

Then to declare themselves the friend
of the down trodden man.
The only source of answers to
the woe’s of common man.

If we had seen, if we had heard,
before it was too late,
perhaps we could have saved the day
and changed our nations fate.

       c.d.m. 2/18/2014

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The Lion and the Lamb

faded glory

I dreamed last night of a whimsical land
where the lion laid down with the lamb.
The people joined together hand in hand
and the lion laid down with the lamb.

My heart cried out,” Oh why can it not be,
more than a lovely dream in the night?”
Where the left joins right in the warm sunlight;
and the lion lies down with the lamb.

We’ve taken sides in this circle of life
as the war continues round and round.
Driven on by a common enemy
so the lion rages at the lamb.

I dreamed last night of a whimsical land
where the lion laid down with the lamb.
The people joined together hand in hand
and the lion laid down with the lamb.

   c.d.m.  11/7/12

        The political atmosphere of the present times, is quite disconcerting. Among friends and at times even family there is a division, a taking of sides. A simple statement can escalate into heated arguments. I am certainly not pointing fingers, as I am at times the more adamant in a ‘ discussion.’

How did we come to this cross roads of vision. When did the gulf grow so wide so as to possibly divide a nation. The same nation we have lauded as ‘ One nation under God; indivisible.’ Perhaps that line from the song holds the answer. Under God.
The dividing  line surely began, as a train of thought or belief began to seek acceptance, or rather demand validation. I never recall a time when any one was forced to gather with the believing, or demanded to believe. What I can remember was when one chose not to believe, they were left to themselves, and their ‘ beliefs. ‘  Perhaps remembered in the thoughts and prayers of the believers, but otherwise left alone.  I have never lived in a nation where it was demanded one believe and or participate in services. I would not want to live in such a land. Christians know, it is a matter of choice, and that God must draw a man to Himself, or no man will come.
You can not legislate righteousness or faith. At the same time you can not force unrighteousness on a believer, and be just in the eyes of God, or the law. For a Christian to stand up and declare abortion to be the slaughter of an infant, is part of their very being. To turn their eyes, heart and voice away from such an atrocity, is to turn their heart from God.
Even as Christians were at the vanguard of the abolitionist movement, and were at times slain, for what was considered
to be an interference in a way of life. So this black stain on our nation has brought about a similar atmosphere. Over 50 million infants slain in atrocious manners, is a bile in the mouths and hearts of Christian souls. Yet time and history have found the abolitionists to have been on the right side, of what ended in the civil war. I pray to God the same remedy is not found necessary for this division of hearts.

There in has come the quandary of the times. How does one stand in faith, and declare this sin for what it is, refusing to be a part of it, unable and unwilling to even hold their tongue, but to do so in the grace of and as a reflection of God.

How does the Christian stand and declare, ” those in leadership, are leading us astray and away, from the original blueprint of our great nation.”  Without entering into the projected vileness of those we are confronting.

If you want to make someone angry confront them with a differing mindset, in regards to that which they have adopted and grown comfortable with. No matter how meekly you may begin, when they see they can not change your stance, they will resist you and most times attack you. There stands the test, I sometimes find myself lacking in.

For in my heart I long for the days, when the gulf was not this wide. When people could agree to disagree, and the subject was not as detrimental to life and liberty. To the unity of a people, a nation. indivisible. This poem arose from this major perplexity in my heart and maybe yours.

                               In Christ alone is the answer, Cheryl.

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A Time To Stand

3244474432_7a72fe7dfcThe time for polite niceties
is now far in the past.
It’s time to put our war boots on
before the die is cast.

Too many generations have
grown-up beneath a cloud;
of crookedness in leadership
so we must cry aloud.

This is not how it’s meant to be;
that thieves and liars rule.
Devouring the little ones
with law and methods cruel.

Taking no thought for harm they cause
to any or to all.
Tis time to storm the castle gate
let despots heed the call;

of those held down by lawlessness,
for far too many years,
who’ve swallowed back lumps in their throats;
and smiled through bitter tears.

For we saw Camelot falling
and could not lift a hand.
Now time has passed and we have grown;
united we will stand.

To fight while there is life in us
and weapons in our hand.
We’ll stand for sweet America
then, pray God bless our land.

c.d.m. 1/29/14

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Seeking Real Leaders

469079231_2ca4cd1228As a child I heard a great men speak;
of serving others, rather than ourselves.
My young heart was moved with aspirations;
his murder put my dreams upon a shelf.

Another stood tall on the podium,
he taught love and the brotherhood of man.
I longed to go join in the marches,
then they shot the man who wrote from Birmingham.

Another sought to rise up and lead us,
and he shared the ideals of his brother.
From the darkness, a lone sniper shot him.
So most lost hope there could be another.

 Look upon the shameless way of many.
Deception seems their only stratagem.
Children seeking leaders, don’t find any.
Where are the giants to inspire them?

I weep for the future generations.
Those who search for a reason to believe.
Where’s the honored ones to lead this nation?
From this current shameful state bring reprieve.

Listen all who aim to serve in office.
Check hearts as only you and God can do.
America needs those willing to serve her.
The children of the land are watching you.

          c.d.m. 1/27/14

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The Tea Party [Miss Ruby]

Miss Ruby, came over for tea today
with a gift of blueberry jam.
The servant Grace met her at the door
  said, “This way if you please ma’am.”
As they entered the front room parlor;
Miss Ruby’s eyes peered every where.
Grace thought she favored an old owl
as she craned her neck to stare.
Mrs. Winters finally entered the parlor
they exchanged their ‘ how-do-you-do’s.’
She asked Ruby, “How many sugars Dear.”
Miss Ruby replied ,”Only two.”
Grace scurried out with the tea-tray
and retired out in the hall.
So she could rest with one ear cocked
in case Mrs. Winters should call.
Of course Gracie could not help
but overhear as they began to speak.
Miss Ruby had so much to tell and re-tell
on this the third day of the week.
There was breaking news of the Widow Brown
who was caught in Messner’s store.
In her coat she had two pork roasts
in her pocket-book she had more.
Then of course the story of the Smith girl
the one who was sent away.
One would think they’d have avoided
such a thing; in these modern days.
Miss Ruby groaned as she shifted her weight
whispered, “surely you’ve heard the tale;
of the Deacon James Adams and family
leaving town when the stock markets fell.”
She fanned with this week’s church bulletin
she asked, “Tell me what do you think,
of our new Pastor and the Deacon Board
renting out the town skating rink?
Why it seems such a waste in my mind
you reach young folks while in class.
I’ll remember this waste the next time;
that offering basket is passed.”
There was quiet for the space of one minute
as Ruby took a sip of her tea.
Glancing up at poor Mrs. Winters spoke,
“Seems the only one talking  is me.”
Mrs. Winters toyed with the scarf at her neck
and carefully thought her words through.
She sipped at her tea looked at Ruby and spoke
“Dear, I simply must talk to you;
I have been sitting here listening
seems your life is empty at best.
You have been here for over an hour
and have not given your tongue a rest.
Yet you never speak of your own life
just gossip of other souls pain.
Ruby, it breaks the Great Father’s heart Dear,
that your gossiping go’s unrestrained.
If you had sat down at the Father’s feet
and shared these ‘concerns’ with Him;
you’d have more to share than a church bulletin
to tell folks where you have been.
You would carry the glorious Light of His love
reflected in your dear face.
And instead of this gossip and malice Dear,
your heart would be full of His grace.”
Mrs. Winters then picked up her tea-cup
took a sip and gave Ruby some space.
She surmised she had wasted her breath and her words
by the look on Miss Ruby’s face.
Ruby rose and said, “I would thank you,
for the tea and cake this afternoon.
I must hurry or I’ll miss my appointment
for tea with Wilhelmina Bethune.”
So as Ruby raced down the side-walk
Mrs. Winters leaned back for a rest.
Called Gracie to come clear the tea set
and bore Ruby to the Great Father’s breast.
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American Shame


Shame upon us America
we have looked the other way.
Refused to see or hear the truth;
believing what liars say.

Had it been our’s left there to die;
then perhaps we may have cared.
Those lost patriots families
painful grief we would have shared.

We just watched our favorite shows
those so-called realities.
Ignoring those few speaking of
Benghazi’s atrocities.

Now the truth is coming out for
all America to see.
Will we go watch some more TV
or wage war for Benghazi?

          c.d.m. 1/15/14

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The 3:am Call


I guess you missed that 3:am call
you once glibly boasted about.
Your lack of attention to requests
leaves many with a sense of doubt.

We question if you were President
would you answer our cries for aid?
Or turn your back on the countries plea’s
so P.C.’s agenda’s obeyed.

Would you stand and lie just as before
letting underlings bear the blame?
Our nation needs leaders in office
with no part in Benghazi’s shame.

So go home Madame; stand by your man
turn your head as you have before.
America deserves much better
than the source of Benghazi’s gore.

                  c.d.m. 1/16/14

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Go Away Snow…

winter frost

    Go Away Snow

I looked out to see the Sunlight dance
across ice and snow today.
I could not help but speak the word’s,
“Snow please, go away.”

Enough of trying to accept the season’s
as they come; with gentle piety.
I’ve had enough of winter’s cold
for spring to come I plea.

Come spring with bloom’s of daffodil
crocus, and green grass.
Come sweet spring with Sun’s warm kiss
which cause’s cold to pass.

To feel the Sun’s warmth upon my face
and hand is what I pray.
And so I break my vow and whisper;
“Please snow, just go away”…


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The Nest

Albert the Squirrel

Alberta the Squirrel had a very fine nest.
In a crook in a Maple tree; high it did rest.
She had a mate named William, she called Billy Boy.
He was her life partner, and he brought her heart joy.

They fashioned their nest all safe, snug, and warm.
Tended it well  so it could weather a storm.
Each spring they would add soft layers anew.
In preparation for the birth of a baby or two.

One morning the sky turned ominous and gray.
The wind’s picked up and the tree’s began to sway.
As lightning flashed they heard a terrible sound.
The earth seemed to shake as their home tumbled down.

They crawled out of the rubble breathed a sigh of relief.
As they looked all about them in utter disbelief.
Grateful they’d survived at first they were glad.
As they surveyed the landscape their hearts became sad.

All they had worked for in a moment disappeared.
It seemed it was exactly as they had always feared.
Billy looked at Alberta in complete dismay,
“What shall we do now?” is all he could say.

Alberta looked up with a tear in her eye,
Spoke” I haven’t the heart to even give it a try.”
Rustling in the leaves broke the silence all around.
They heard their friends voice’s such a beautiful sound.

There was Rabbit, and Squirrel, the Birds, and old Coon.
Saying” We’re here to build; if by the light of the moon.
We know it is the season to birth your little one.
We’re here to lend a hand until the work is all done.”

 ‘Moral’ of this story;”All things come to an end.’
One thing lasts forever the love of a friend.
So don’t build your nest out of money or clay.
Build upon true friendships, build, love, and pray.
c.d.m. 4-4-11

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Obama-care [does he?]


Chaos and calamity
that’s what it is to me.
Headline news keeps talking
of Obama-care; does he?

Has it ever crossed his mind;
what all he has fouled up?
Has his plan been from the start
the health plan of Europe?

Well if you haven’t heard it yet,
their plan’s not working great.
Need to turn our ship about,
before we share their fate.

What part of ‘ We the People,’
can you not understand?
This is still America,
and not Chi-towns gangland.

Go home Sir, while we still have a country.

c.d.m. 12/26/13


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Home for Christmas

christmas decorations

No home to go to for Christmas,
more than just the homeless can tout.
There’s other’s alone on Christmas;
so that’s what this short poem’s about.

Many my age do get lonely
especially at this time of year.
As children grow-up and marry
and parents must move to the rear.

I made those choices long ago.
That’s when I decided to stay;
at home with my kids for Christmas.
So kids with the new toys could play.

Now years later, too late I fear;
I think that I made a mistake.
I should have gone home for Christmas.
Home’s one place we should not forsake.

Now there is no ‘ home’ to go to,
for mother and dad have passed on.
Sadly I taught my own children;
and my chance to go home is gone.

            c.d.m.  12/ 24/13

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Too Busy


dec.13 130

Can I call you back in five minutes
she said on that day to her friend.
Rushing along to complete her chores
not knowing her friend’s life would end.
Running each day we continue on
too busy; too busy we cry.
Cramming too much into one lifetime;
while we never once question why.
We buy and give; but not of ourselves;
then wonder why we feel lonely.
I’d much rather have you sit a while;
and perhaps share some time with me.

c.d.m. 12/20/13

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Believe in Santa


What’s wrong with believing in Santa Clause?
Or other sweet dreams of childhood?
I think if more grown-ups still held out hope;
for all of us it would be good.

There’s so much that’s harsh in this big old world;
dear Santa might soften things up.
Beginning with hearts that wrote Santa off;
when children turned into grown-ups.

See old hearts don’t shine with the Christmas light;
at least not like young hearts shine through.
I think grown-ups should believe in Santa,
may brighten us up if we do.


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Orders in the military are,
” Leave no man behind.”
Not in today’s society
such heart is hard to find.

Think of Libya if you would;
Benghazi point of fact.
When four brave men were left behind
our leaders failed to act.

One who thinks to lead us next was
then second in command.
Quipped, “What difference does it make?”
She didn’t understand.

There’s some who yet hold to the charge
to “Leave no man behind.”
Some in service, some are not; still
American hearts entwined.

We beg to differ, while we may;
it matters Ma’am, to some.
One man left on the battle-field
begs,” What have we become?”

Who commandeered our nations soul,
and left us in this state?
That most forget, four left behind
not questioning their fate.

We won’t forget; we take the vow
to “Leave no man behind.”
To stand and speak, and hold the course
till hearts are re-aligned.

     c.d.m. 12/16/13

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The Mouse Brigade


The long night of the mouse brigade;
friend do you ever recall?
How over run my house had become;
when creatures ran up the wall.
We sat at the table reading
our bibles with pure delight.
Me with my feet up on the chair,
those mice could be such a fright.
Then suddenly it struck you,” Hey
there’s power in Jesus name!”
We commanded those mice to flee!
Their response made us exclaim!
Glory to God in the highest;
the Word, His power displayed.
All creation’s subject to Him,
as viewed in this mouse brigade.
Clamoring out by the window,
they ran, it was such a sight.
Prayed in the name of Jesus and
the mice all ran off that night.
What’s become of those two young girls
depending on Jesus’ aide?
Who laughed and beheld one dark night
the flight of the mouse brigade.

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Jesus saves

Mindless lemmings; are everywhere.
Try as I might I have to stare.
Talk about lambs to the slaughter.
They are poisoned by their fodder.

Pointing out how wise they may be.
They stumble as they march blindly.
Right off the cliff into the pit.
As they boast about their sharp wit.

Roll out copied layers of shtick.
If not so false; would be comic.
Some say ‘oy vey’ it’s not so bad.
Your chutzpah is far more than sad.

   c.d.m.   12/7/13

Lemmings = those who blindly follow, be it in matters of faith, or politics. One such pitifully deceived soul recently told me, they were not  a Lemming.

When Jesus spoke of the signs of the ‘end times’; He mentioned deception 3 to 1 over all other signs. The plot is thickening, tread watchfully children of God.

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To Be or Not To Be


An inconsequential life;
lived out in deep regret.
What could change the circumstance;
about which now I fret.

What difference could be made
if I in time went back?
What changes would I then make;
to fill what I now lack?

Friendships that evaporate,
as tho they never were.
Covenants now lay broken;
and vows are now a slur.

A world where nothing matters;
lest money is involved.
Where oaths of deep devotion
are easily dissolved.

Such emptiness for most men
would break the heart indeed.
I guess I’m not as most men;
for consequence I’ll plead.

 c.d.m. 12/7/13

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The Parting


If you’d turn your back on Jesus;
there’s nothing you wouldn’t do.
Tell me what there is to say;
anymore between us two?

Darkness finds no place in the Light.
Light will darkness swallow up.
You turned your back upon the Light;
with darkness you now must sup.

When darkness now encroaches on you;
and all that is of you.
Tell me what it is you think that;
you and yours can ever do?

There is no One to call upon;
you’ve denied Him after all.
Sadly friend there will be no-one;
now upon which you can call.

       c.d.m. 12/4/13

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What is to Come


My heart is weighed heavy and deeply sad;
for what was, what is, and what is to come.
When all’s said and done, at the end of days;
as we stand in faith, for tally and sum.

That Road less traveled, to simple for most;
mocked at, spit on and ridiculed by some.
Yet but for that Road, we’d be mired in sin;
for what was, what is, and what is to come.

Spoke, ‘ I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.
And the Door to God’s eternal Kingdom.’
He wept for the lost of Jerusalem;
for what was, what is, and what is to come.

                    c.d.m          11/30/13

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Things I Hear being Said;


“You shoot em when you see
the white of their eyes.
Check sex and their color
under morning skies.
Been pushed about as far
as I’m willing’ to go.
Someone ought to tell em;
maybe let em know.

They think we sit here
in the country unaware
of the crazy ideas
going round out there.
Country; don’t mean stupid
get that in your head.
Because them that won’t hear
just might end up dead.”

I hear it in the voices
of people all around.
Tired of the moaning
and the rumbling sound.
Of those you can not fill up;
who are not satisfied.
Till they get all they can get
from the well supplied.

Want to take from those who have
to give to those who have not.
There’s something Mr. Obama;
that you have forgot.
For one to give or not to give;
it’s a matter of choice.
Not a forced situation;
driven by the left-wing voice.

The leadership that’s coming
out of Washington D C.
Sounds more like the dogma
of the socialist party.
I’m just repeating what I hear
coming from these parts.
We won’t take it lying down;
heads-up before it starts.

c.d.m. 11/2013

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Why So Lonely? :(


Something I’ve been hearing a lot of lately, ” I’m so lonely, I can hardly bear it.”    While at the same time, ” I haven’t the energy, to reach out, or to try to communicate my feelings.”

What is the root of this seeming contradiction of, expressions of the heart? I’ve given it some thought and prayer.  I don’t believe I have all the answer, but I do think I’ve attained a partial one.

Over-load. What happens to your computer when you punch to many buttons? Try to flip from one site to the next, and not give the p.c. enough time?

Well maybe you’ve never been impatient, sadly I have and my p.c. locks up on me.  I’m  not very tech savvy, to say the least. [ I have went through 2 computers and I am now on my third :(  ]

In a day when ‘communications’ are so abundant, T.V. 24/7, phones that not only make us available 24/7, but keep us connected to the net 24/7.  Yet more and more people describe themselves as lonely. It is like an epidemic, I call it shut-down.

I just viewed a commercial on T.V., showing two women cooking Thanksgiving dinner together. In actuality it was a commercial for internet and the ladies were on Skype. I thought, what circumstance has created a situation where, family has to Skype, to share Thanksgiving.

I mean it’s great in ‘ have-to’ cases. Such as one member being stationed half-way around the world due to job or being  stationed in the service. Short time circumstance hopefully.

But I shudder to think that many are doing so, simply because it requires so much less effort.  Also avoids any and all ‘uncomfortable’ situations.
We all have strange, or different family members. { yes, yes some more than others..} Seldom is there a gathering, when there isn’t at least one uncomfortable moment.
Yet life shared is so beautiful, even with those moments. Notice I said ‘life’, to often we have bought into the ads we’ve viewed, and then looked at our own reality, and felt like we were cheated.
I’ve watched so many families turn from sharing life, { in real-time and in person } and instead make a phone call, send an e-mail, or at best Skype.
We are short-changing ourselves, and our children. What are your thoughts, on this generation of lonely communicators?  Leave a comment, maybe we can find a solution.

Have a Blessed and hopefully shared Thanksgiving !

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The Garden

085 (2)

Once in a garden far away
there in the cool part of the day.
Our Maker sat and held a lamb
close to His breast.
He gazed into its trusting eyes
shed a tear and breathed a sigh.
Said,” For a covering for my man,
my precious lamb you must die.”
As We give this sacrifice
lamb as your pouring out your life
I promise you My precious lamb
it’s not in vain.

There in the garden Gethsemane
the Savior wept for you and me.
He prayed so hard that
from His pores; His blood did flow.
He prayed not My will Lord; but Thine
gazed afar off out in time.
For the joy that He could see;
He gladly went to Calvary.
As We give this sacrifice
Lamb as Your pouring out Your life
I promise You My precious Lamb
it’s not in vain.

We have a Garden here today;
He bids us come there kneel and pray.
Pour your life out for it’s really not your own.
It has been purchased at great cost;
and all we cling to will be lost.
But all we give to Him is gain;
precious lambs it’s not in vain.
As We give this sacrifice
lamb as your pouring out your life
I promise you My precious lamb
it’s not in vain.

c.d.m.  2001

Genesis 3:21  Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

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When Money becomes our God


This subject has weighed heavy on my heart, of late. A subject few like to hear about, even many in ‘church’ circles. At times when ‘the subject’ is mentioned, you can almost literally feel the weight of the wet blanket, come over the meeting-house. There is such an adverse re-action to ‘the subject’, that I have always shied away from teaching on ‘ it ‘. I was ordained in 1984, soon to be thirty years, and I have yet to really teach upon ‘this subject.’
My husband and I have co-pastored since 2000. Yet we have neither one really taught on giving or tithing. While we have believed and shared in the benefit of both, [ there is, you know] we have failed the Lord and the body, by basically ‘protecting’ ourselves from the ‘wet blanket’ and its horrid application. However the times and the Holy Spirit, are weighing heavier on my heart, than my desire to avoid ‘the subject’.

You see I truly believe the title of this post is a fact of the economic times, and the spiritual times we are now living in. See if Money is your God, [or who or what you depend upon for a life source] when Money is gone than so is your ‘god’. You can very easily see why this subject is of importance today.

Jesus lived in this realm and was subject to the same laws of both nature and government as we are. When a need came up He did not go to Herod and ask him to help Him. He did not go to family, He went to God.

In Matthew the need for taxes came up for both Peter and Jesus. The Lord instructed Peter to go fish.
Matt 17:27; Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast a hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.
Where did Jesus get this idea? The same place He received every idea, or parable, or word. From His Father and ours.

John 8:28; Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.

Repeatedly Jesus spoke that all He did and all He spoke, flowed from all He heard or beheld in the Father. Notice Jesus referred to the Father as His God also.

John 20:17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.
In case you missed it earlier, a God is one you depend upon. Just as a Father is the one who cares for you and watches out for you from birth. [For the fortunate ones]
Relationship follows care. If you don’t believe me ask the crying baby, that wants to be fed or changed. Nurture fore-runs relationship.
The Father in heaven longs to tend to our needs, in all area’s.

Luke 12;22 And he said unto his disciples, Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.
23 The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment.
24 Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?
25 And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?
26 If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?
27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
28 If then God so clothe the grass, which is to-day in the field, and to-morrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith?
29 And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind.
30 For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.
31 But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.
32 Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

A question to all of us today, who truly is our God, our source of peace, our supply, our nurturer? The one we trust in.

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Her Darling Boy


I gaze at the picture an I see;
that he was her darling boy.
At first it seemed very sad to me;
but then I see signs of joy.

She watched him walk to school the first day;
oh he was her pride and joy.
Came home crying, “The others won’t play.”
She wept for her darling boy.

While most looked past his value or worth;
still she’d seen it from the start.
For right from the moment of his birth;
he’d taken over her heart.

Others were born and each had their place;
but he was her darling boy.
There in the picture; see on her face
just how he brought her such joy.

He only let Mama down one time;
when he died at sixty-two.
She still sets his place at dinnertime;
some habits you can’t undo.

She’ll gaze at his picture and you’ll see;
she miss’ her darling boy.
Wishing that with him she could yet be;
he still is her pride and joy.

c.d.m. 10/29/13

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Pitiful,Petulant, Pouting Pete


Little petulant pouting Pete;
he was use to having his way.
Accustomed to others waiting,
to hear whatever he would say.

His Grannie had tried to tell him,
you must stop sticking your lip out.
Pete, you look just like a baby,
when you start to whimper and pout.

Pete rose to the heights of power.
Proclaiming he’d serve everyone.
Yet all were dis-appointed when,
Pete’s self-serving race had been won.

Thought of as the bright; shining boy.
A glimmer of hope to them all.
He was who they had awaited.
He had come to answer the call.

Ladies would swoon and men would cry,
every time  they’d hear him speak.
They thought he was the Messiah,
till they learned that he was so weak.

Everything he attempted fell;
apart before their very eyes.
Excuses grew hard to think of.
They tired of pouting Pete’s cries.

At last those who’d fought the hardest,
decided to throw the towel in.
Tripped on his lip while departing,
declaring, ” They’ll be back again.”

c.d.m. 10/25/13

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my pics 014

I spin the true tale of the Candy-man.
For those who’d like a bedtime-story.
I want you to sleep on my little ones.
I’ll try not to make it too gory.

The sleepy-heads longing for someone who,
would care for them just like their mother.
Fell for his fables, of all he would do,
and swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Little by little they woke up to find,
their lives would forever be altered.
Instead of the comfort of ‘Mama’s’ hand,
he wanted them gathered and slaughtered.

Oh my what big eyes these little ones cried.
The better to see all you’re doing.
Why such big ears, sleepy-heads then replied.
The better to hear any griping.

Sleepy-heads gazing at four-inch long teeth,
did not want to learn of their purpose.
Longing for blankets and pillows of down,
to sleep on and escape this circus.

But I heard you grumble, Candy-man said.
So now you must somehow be punished.
So one by one voices were silenced as,
sleepy-heads across the land vanished.

Awaken you sleepy-heads from your sleep,
quick; before the real night-mare begins.
Else we’ll all awaken too late and find,
the Candy-man’s game ends; with no wins.

          c.d.m.  10/24/13

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Speaking the Truth in Love 2 [from the place of love]


I recently posted a piece on this subject.  From comments made on and off site, I felt the need to further elaborate. I have often said when speaking on the subject,” One can speak truth, apart from love.”   As when we give ‘our’ thoughts on some ones appearance, ” That dress doesn’t look good on you.” It may be the truth in your opinion, but is it said to help or to hurt?  We can voice our thoughts or beliefs, just to prove a point, separate from love, or any of loves characteristics. To have our say, so to speak.

However to truly speak out of love we will speak the truth, even at our own dis-comfort. For a minister of the gospel to ‘soft-soak’ truth, is not speaking from a heart of love.  When we attempt to change what the bible teaches concerning fornication, [an old-fashioned word, {and sometimes excepted attitude towards} sex outside of marriage] to make allowance for the times we live in, we are not speaking from a heart of love.

If the bible taught 2000 yrs. ago that fornication, adultery, homosexuality, theft, and so on is sin, then quite simply the words are still relevant today. God does not ‘change ‘ with the times. Men may, but not the Holy One.

I hear a lot of ministers, that at one time spoke as oracles of God, changing their beliefs and teachings on such matters. I will say it here they are not speaking truth, and they certainly aren’t speaking from a heart of love.

If you saw someone about to stumble off a cliff, into an abyss, you would shout out a warning.” Stop, if you continue you will be destroyed.”   Your racing heart of love would risk all to warn them. You would not encourage them on, for fear of upsetting them.

I believe the true fear, that motivates such members of the clergy on, is fear it may cut into the offerings. ” People won’t come if we take a stand on sin.”   What are they coming to, if we don’t speak the truth? Jesus words still echo in these times,” You shall know the truth; and the truth shall make you free.” St. John 8:32

Yes, yes we are saved by the glorious grace of our Savior. Saved unto good works, not by them. Be not deceived, the bible teaches us this, that same word teaches we are delivered from the powers of darkness, i.e. sin. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. [ or in his deeds] St. John 8:36  As the Apostle Paul taught, ‘let us not use our liberty, as a cloak for sin.’

Romans 10:14 – How then shall they call on him in whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? Many are teaching otherwise these days. Let us speak the truth, out of love.     That we all may go forward.

St. John 14:16

Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


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Divided Love


Mary had her spent life lavishly;
she had lived it so hard and fast.
She met a man in the marketplace
Who told her all about her past.

She stared into His eyes in dismay;
as He spoke,” Mary start anew.”
Ran to tell her friends and family,
“It’s exactly what I shall do.”

Mary had a sister Lila who
had lived her life differently.
Mary spent her live in deviltry
Lila a temple devotee.

 Mary knew He was the Messiah
Lila said she’d never believe.
Sisters once woven as one clothe
torn apart; began to un-weave.

Lila held to words men had spoken;
Mary those that Messiah spoke.
One continued on in liberty,
the other bowed beneath mans yoke.

Thus is the tale of two sisters who;
are today divided by love.
One follows the words of earthly men;
one follows, The One from above.

10/12/13  c.d.m.

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The House Wren

dec.13 014

Maude Claris Belle
[the wren]

Life tells of many sad stories,
lived out; and then told and retold.
Listen and pay close attention
their wisdom bears more weight than gold.

Such is the case in this story
of a girl called Maude Claris Belle.
Someone I’ve loved very deeply
with sadness her story I’ll tell.

She was born to a large family
fourth child; amidst all the rest.
Bolder ones; vied for attention,
Maude Claris would settle for less.

Created her own world to live in,
books and creatures; her dearest friends>
Her siblings danced in the spotlight,
as Maude recoiled deeper within.

In the clamor of life none noted,
how silent Maude Claris had grown.
She never cried out for attention,
so her anguish was sadly; unknown.

The others moved on and flew the nest,
Maude Claris let life pass her by.
A scoundrel came home with her brother,
and caught Maude Claris’ eye.

Though  she was twenty she was naive
an innocent to the way’s of bad men.
The galoot had a way with the women,
and set out to reel Maude Claris in.

He needed a slave, to tend to his home,
his children and other base needs.
So he scooped her up and married her quick,
before she could learn of his deeds.

The  little ‘house wren’ opened her heart
the oaf completely filled that place.
For a time she put all into that union,
till she vanished; leaving no trace.

Don’t get me wrong she’s still alive.
Well; her shadow still can be found.
But since the divorce the old Maude Claris,
has never more come around.

Now she’s an aggressive unloving soul,
her heart echo’s, “never again.”
Now she favors, a harsh’ bird of prey’,
instead of a little house wren.

Her children  grew up in her shadow
believing it’s how it must be.
This story, of Maude Claris Belle’s life
is a very sad story to me.


Hebrew’s 12:15; Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;

This poem is based on a true story, an ongoing story. How ever there is still life, so there is still hope.
Bitterness, stands out in sweet surroundings, it’s a shock to the taste-buds, a slap to the heart. As the scripture says, it springs up, denoting suddenly. When something bitter pops up [so to speak] from our lips or even just in our thoughts, we need to take note and begin to dig and ‘uproot’, that root, before it spreads.
The word tells us, ‘For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’
See a root of bitterness has vining  tendency’s and will cling to what ever is near, thereby defiling others. Vines don’t consider the host, they are clinging to and climbing over. They just want to survive.
Bitter vines want to thrive and multiply. Please pray for Maude [fake name], and pray one for another, that we not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.     Cheryl

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Annies Pick


Anna set her dollies in the chairs
to serve them tea at table.
There was Peggy, Claire and little Rose,
and her newest dolly Mabel
Smiling at them each as she poured tea
from her blue and white tea set.
While in her heart she tries to decide
which doll is her favorite.
She laid four dresses out on the bed
to decide which one to wear.
Imagining how each one would look
and how she would wear her hair.
Glanced up at the clock saw it was now
time to finish her toilette.
Frustrated now as she tries to choose
which dress is her favorite.
Anna lies in bed, tired and old
shift change brings a new girl in
checking her vitals and the flow sheet
for a new day to begin.
They chat all through breakfast, meds and bath
but the point of this vignette.
Her difficult choice these days lies in
which girl is her favorite.

A sad fact of live that I have observed.

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farm life [3 Poems concerning it]


 A Hoe is a Hoe,

A hoe is a hoe, that’s what most people say,
But ‘my’ hoe got broken, just the other day,
My grand-daughter borrowed it,[she didn't ask me],
Now the handle is broken, causing me perplexity,

She bought a brand new handle, but it won’t be the same,
A handle’s not a handle, that’s what I will proclaim,
That hoe once belonged, to my mother-in-law,
She cleaned it up and oiled it, every fall,

Then one day she passed it, along to me,
I think the handle had been carved, from a Hickory tree,
It was smooth as velvet, from all the years of use,
Shaped slender for a Lady’s hand, not made for such abuse,

I’m trying to be kind, and behave graciously,
Cause my darling grand-daughter, means quite a lot to me,
I’ll have to break it in, try to form it to my hand,
But a hoe’s not just a hoe, now I hope you can understand…

                                                     4-29-10 c.d.m.

    The Simple Country Farmer,

Down the road, a piece,
there lived, a man and his wife,
Farming, was his profession,
and he’d done so, all his life.

He was the son, of a farmer,
who was the son, of one too.
He’d had choices in life,
but farming’s, what he chose, to do.

He bought the land, that joined his fathers,
and wed, his sweetheart.
They spent, their lives together,
and were seldom apart.

Every year I watched them tend,
the same piece of land.
They would raise a lovely garden
without a helping hand.

They would plant it, and tend it,
and gather it all in,
They  raised more than enough,
and gave the excess to friends.

He in his straw hat
with mud boots up to his knees.
Her in a cotton dress,
that gently waved in the breeze.

They would faithfully tend to their garden
side by side.
The simple country farmer,
and his sweet little bride.

I’d watch them and marvel
at their gardening abilities.
And I wondered why my garden,
didn’t do the same for me.

Well I had clumps as big as melons,
I would still try to hoe.
I’d water, weed, and feed it,
but my garden didn’t grow.

After one or two years I thought,
I may as well give up.
That’s when the simple country farmer,
taught this simple country ‘pup.’

He said, “A lot of it Sis,
is in the soils preparation.
Then another large part,
is in your hearts determination.

You put your heart into the soil
and it will give it’s heart to you.
It takes time ,for hearts to grow
more than just a year or two.

I listened and I tried it,
and much to my delight,
my garden responded,
and it’s such a lovely sight.

It takes love, to tend a garden
or the soil of a heart.
And a heart that is determined,
is the first place to start.

                                                                 c.d.m. 6-11
Summer  Gardening

It was a have-to case for so many years,
just to feed the family.
That I hung up my gloves for a long time
and rested my poor knees.

But it gets in your blood and you miss it,
when you’ve given it up for a  while.
The first smell of the earth as we turned it
caused my lips to smile.

Then there was fertilizing,
and marking out of the rows.
And planning what go’s where is important
just as every gardener knows.

The corn must go in two by two
cucumbers need room to vine
Marigolds keep the bugs away,
at least they do, in mine.

Potatoes must have lot’s of room,
so they can then be hilled.
The hoe must tend to every row
for the larder to be filled.

Tomatoes must be tied up
so the sun can touch the fruit.
Beans like a little lime applied,
but they still will make you ‘toot.’

The strangest tale I’ve yet to hear
an old woman recounted to me.
Concerning sweet green peppers,
and how to plant them properly.

She looked up at me with a toothless grin
said, ” For peppers to bear fruit miss,
you must plant them real close together,
’cause see  ‘sweet’ peppers just love to kiss.”

                                              c.d.m.  5-31-10

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The Secret…


He guards his secret closely
he wants no one to know.
He doesn’t need to worry
it really doesn’t show.

Someone should maybe tell him
for it may ease his mind.
There’s no longer evidence
for anyone to find.

You ask, ” What is his secret?”
Go on and try to guess.
I know you’ll never get it
tho you may try your best.

No, he is not a drinker
no, he don’t chase around.
He is not into porno
works ev’ry day I’ve found.

Don’t hit his wife or children
don’t smoke and doesn’t swear.
You say,” What else could it be?”
All right, all right I’ll share.

He gave his heart to Jesus.
A long, long time ago.
Soon thereafter took it back
and now he doesn’t know.

There’s nothing left to hide ’cause
he left it in the past.
One trip down to the altar,
it wears off super fast.

I pray for him and others
whose paths have been recast.
They’ll give their hearts to Jesus
and this time it would last.


Is there any need to say any thing else, other than I really do know a couple of people like this. This is not meant to judge or be harsh, but to speak to an issue and request prayer for these ones.{ you may know someone like this too}


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Touched by Madness


In the winding wood’s of Caroline
there on pathway’s up and down.
Nestled ‘neath the pines and green fronds
he said our bodies, would be found.

One hand held to a pint of moonshine
the other bore a twenty-two.
Hours of marching on as he taunted
his threats had always, proven true.

He needed no excuse for madness
his madness came and went with time.
A word, a look or passing fancy
seemed no reason, nor any rhyme.

Mother hid me behind her body
trying to stay between he and I.
Spoke ” Kill me if you must kill someone
she’s just thirteen, too young to die.”

I walked pretending I was elsewhere
whispering a prayer silently.
Knowing if he did kill Mother
he’d turn the gun, and then kill me.

Then just as quickly as it started
he’d proven his point; he was done.
Said,” Let’s get home and fix some supper”
went to the truck, and hid the gun.

You wonder why I’m sometimes weary
or seem to write from some dark place.
Snips of madness haunt my memories
the touch of madness; leaves its trace.

                              c.d.m. 5-25-11

a sad memory

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from the Poet’s Nook,,An Open Hand is Needed,,


                      An Open Hand is Needed,,,,                   

I happened once upon a bird,,a frightened little thing,,,

It’s twisted body lay there,,with a badly broken wing,,,

Surprise gave way to sympathy,,as I reached out to him,,,

But life’s experience told him,,I was not his friend,,,

The more I tried to rescue him,,the more he drew away,,,

Til getting down on bended knee,,I scooped him up that day,,,

I carried him to a cage,,and gently closed the door,,,

Then splinted wing,,gave water and seed,,and offered him no more,,,

I did not try to tame him,,for he was a wild thing,,,

My hope was just to see him well,,another day to sing,,,

Slowly he began to mend,,all tho I just must say,,,

I never saw him come to life,,til I let him fly away,,,

An open hand is needed,,God’s mercy to impart,,,

An open hand receives the love,,it needs to touch a heart,,,


The open hand [yad]  is the type of hand, we are instructed to approach the Lord with. As opposed to a clinched or closed hand..Makes sense its hard to receive with a closed hand. The position of our hands, are directly linked, to the condition of our hearts. Ask those schooled in the study of body language, your hands speak of your thoughts or heart. Observe someones hand during a time of stress,or anger. Our hands speak… Notice as they approach the altar,,are their hands hanging down in defeat,,folded across the chest in a closed manner. Or are they lifted up,,in need yes,,but also in expectancy.,Our hands speak…

They also speak in our attempts of reaching out. It’s time to truly search our hearts motives,in our reaching out. Are we truly desiring, to see the Kingdom of God,, expanded in the hearts of men? Or are we concerned with appearing successful in men’s eyes,,gathering souls for our own reasons. Then feverishly trying to mold them into our concept, of what they should be.Sometimes even causing spiritual abortions in our carelessness. Forgetting or neglecting the word that tells us,’ Lest the Lord build the house, you labor in vain’.  How many Frankenstein’s have men’s hands created,and destroyed? Sadly this has been the case much of the time. But the Lord is seeking for a new breed of followers,whose motives will be as His, to do the Fathers bidding, and reflect His heart, to our generation. To bring Glory to God, and reflect His heart to the nations. A new creation, bearing open hearts, and open hands,,they are very needed.                                                                   sis.c


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Whisper from the Lilly bed,,Simply Rest,,,


                          Simply Rest,,,,                                        c.d.m.05

I will lift up my voice,,I will sing forth Your praise,,,

I will dance in the joy,,of Your freedom,,,

I will lift up my eyes,,to the only Source of my help,,,

and I will say,’All is well in God’s Kingdom’,,,

As a little child would trust,,I will trust in You Lord,,,

Knowing that You care for me,,I will simply rest,,,

For even through the darkest night,,You have never left my side,,,

Neither will You leave me now,,So I will simply rest,,,

The joy of His freedom, such a precious place. You can not enter into this abode,while encumbered with cares, fear, and anxiety. The very reason we are assaulted in these areas so frequently. The same reason Jesus warned us not to be over come with these enemies of rest and joy. In Matthew 11/28 Jesus said,   ‘Come unto Me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’  v29′ Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly of heart, and you shall find rest unto your souls.’   He still calls, ‘Come to Me, I am not far off and hard to reach, Come and I will give you rest, in your worried minds and troubled hearts.’ 1Peter 5:7 says it this way, ‘Casting ALL your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.’   Peter who had received miracle provision and deliverance, knew well He cares for us. Do you know well He cares for you?        I pray if you have never known He makes known to you now, the never ending, unchanging, far reaching, Love of His heart, that you grow in trust and reliance in Him, so that now and forever you rest in His peace and joy,in Jesus name, amen.

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Evidence of God’s Love


I wish that it was plain to see; Our Makers loving hand.
The way He cares for you and me; is hard to understand.
If we could ‘see’ the loving way;  He nurtures us each one.
The Evidence is that He sent; His begotten Son.

But there to stare us in the face; are trials, tricks and thorns.
Declaring to us every day; ‘ another day to mourn.’
If we saw in the Spirit realm; there’s feathers everywhere.
The Evidence of Fathers Love; Beloved, He does care.


Psalms 91,declares,The ones who abide, [find their rest and trust] under the shadow of the Almighty, dwells in the ‘secret place of the Most High.’

In that place they are kept, provided for and protected by THE MOST HIGH. Not the little bit high, THE MOST HIGH. The One Who is above and has been given a Name{onoma=character and position} that is Above EVERY NAME. Above need, fear, sickness, even death, even T.V. anchors and their words of fear and anxiety.

Verse 2 declares the words of one who abides, ‘I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Him will I trust.’
A God Who isn’t big enough to deliver or save His people, isn’t much of a God. When we  were commanded to ‘Make No Graven Images’, the writer had he spoken to our generation, would have added, ‘Like the shallow images, modern man has created of THE MOST HIGH.’  Our God is not weak and powerless. He is as able and willing today as He has  always been.
The bible tells us ‘He changes not.’ He is still THE MOST HIGH.   The writer said, ‘I will SAY. ‘ Begin to say, “My God Is THE MOST HIGH,” higher than any thing in this realm. He created this realm. He can and will take care of me in this realm and thru eternity.
How can we believe Him for Eternity but not for Today?
Consider the loaves and fishes. When need arose an answer to need came. In Mark chapter 8, when need arose again this time a personal need the diciples [like us] questioned or doubted. Jesus replied to them, “Having eyes, see ye not, and having ears, hear ye not, and do you not remember?”
If we have been born again we have eyes to see and ears to hear we need hearts to believe. We must feed upon the words of our Lord to let our faith be strengthened to believe.So our eyes can see the Evidence of God’s Love. So we can share with others the Evidence; and bring joy to all of heaven.

 Psalm 91:11,’ For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.’

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Home is Where the Heart is,,,


I’m really not at home here,, cause home is where my heart is,,,

 So I’m just not satisfied,, where ever I may be,,,

There is a longing down inside of me,, to see beyond the next horizon,,,

So I just can’t settle down here,, cause it’s not home to me,,,

I am a pilgrim,, and a stranger,,seeking for a far off place,,,

Where my loved ones,, and the angel’s,, stand beholding the Lord’s dear face,,,

No my treasure,,has not been stored here,,It is laid up in my home there above,,,

And I’ll soon be going,,there to my homeland,,carried forth on the wings of His love,,,

There is a city,,that awaits us,,Whose builder and Maker was the Lord,,,

And in that city,,we will all be welcomed,,and received by the One we’ve adored,,,

Hey there is nothing,,here in this strange land,,that can in any way be compared,,,

To the wondrous home that awaits us,,in that place,, that our Lord has prepared,,, 

So I’m really not at home here,,cause home is where my heart is,,,

oh I’m just not satisfied,,where ever I may be,,,

There is a longing down inside of me,,to see beyond the next horizon,,,

So I just can’t settle down here,,cause it’s not home to me,,,

                                                                                                                6/2001 c.d.m.

In the light of eternity, all else pales..When we have joyfully arrived in our eternal home, one thing I believe we will all regret, is time here wasted..Buying into all the hype of the age, we live in, rather than, doing what the bible tells us to do ‘redeeming the time, wisely’.We really are not at home here..So as the old song says’ Lay up your treasures in that home above and trust, fully trust in your Saviors love.’ We will then find our short time here much more enjoyable,,beloved of the Lord.             sis.c

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Every Tub Must Sit On It’s Own Bottom [ farewell to the blame game ]


Holy Spirit

All my life I’ve heard the saying,  “Every  tub must sit on its own bottom.”  The circumstance surrounding the speaking of this particular warning was always the same. One of us children were trying to get around or away from correction.
Or readily admitting to guilt but blaming it on another, ”  They told me to do it.”   Then we would hear Grandma or Mom announcing, “Every tub must sit on its own bottom.”

What were they trying to tell us our bottoms would soon be so sore sitting would be difficult?  We never were quite sure. Of the correction we could always be sure.  What I considered then, the most unfair of treatment surely in all the world.  I now consider one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon me. Loving correction when I erred from the path.

Today it seems everything is some one else’s fault. Rarely do we hear some one say, “I did it blame me I’ll take the responsibility.” Much less then except the rewards of said blame.
I guess it’s always been the same even in the garden.  Cain said, “Am I my brothers keeper?”  Further back yet Adam said, ” The woman YOU gave me, Lord.”
Not only shifting the blame to Eve but even accusing the Lord. So I guess the blame game has been around a while.

I am even more assured it fails to shift the blame. Every pot indeed must set on its own bottom.
Romans 5:12 ” Wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin and so death passed upon all men for that all have sinned.”
But thank the Lord for this verse 15: ” But not as the offence so also is the free gift. For if through the offence of one many be dead much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded to many.”
Bless His holy name.

We have free access to the very throne of God at all times. Through the shed blood of Jesus, the Son of God. The bible encourages us to come boldly to that seat of all authority;
Hebrews 4:16 “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in a time of need.”

An open door is set before us to come before the Creator of all heaven and earth, our Father.  Access to an earthly king is not given to us common folk nor to our president, or even our local mayor’s office.  Yet we are encouraged to come before our heavenly Father.

One thing that can hinder us in our access; the failure to come boldly.  Condemnation will prevent us,  condemnation is believing the accusations of the enemy,  using the vehicle of  thoughts toward us.  Sometimes our own thoughts are polluted by the accusations of the enemy.  Sometimes wrong teachings can condemn us.

Romans 8:1 tells us, “There is therefore now NO condemnation to them which are IN Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

What does this mean?  For those who base their faith and access on Jesus, and all that He accomplished on the cross, there is NO condemnation.  My salvation began in Him and is maintained in Him.

Now if I stray and enter in to sin; for example walk in un-forgiveness, the Holy Spirit will convict tug at my heart and say, “That’s not right.”  My response will determine my course, will I repent turn from that attitude. Say,” You are right forgive me, change me,”  and so enter back into right relationship.  Or will I play the blame game, “I wouldn’t feel this way if  THEY etc…”
The Lord taught us if we come to the altar [or throne] to offer a gift and there remember we have aught [anger] against our brother,  go and be reconciled, and then come back and offer our gift.
Blame shifting does not work, we can not have free access with out walking in fellowship with the Holy Spirit of God.  The blame game breaks that fellowship.

Notice with Adam and Cain the All knowing God knew of their sin and heart condition, yet went after them desiring to give them a chance to say, ” I did it, forgive me. “
The blame game is what separated them. Don’t fall for that old trick. Let your tub sit or stand on its own bottom.   There is nothing no slight or offence worth losing access to the presence of the Lord. It is not much comfort to perhaps be right in a situation but wrong in attitude and so separated.

John 1:7 reads, “If we walk in the Light as He is in the Light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.”
When the Lord says this is the path walk in it that is how He reveals light. When we except His words and walk in them that is walking in the Light.

From that place of obedience flows forgiveness, acceptance and fellowship.  Simply put LIFE.    Be honest with the Lord, let Him be Lord in your life. So you can come with boldness before His throne at all times.

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I happened upon a spring…song written in 2000,C.D.M.

2149938461_d6e28fba371I happened upon a spring one day,,sat down on its banks to drink,,

And while being cooled,,from the heat of the day,,I paused for a moment to think,,

This springs so secluded,,I questioned what part,, in the circle of life it could play,,

But while watching a leaf,,drifting down that small stream,,it seemed I could hear the spring say,,

“Oh I trickle down just over the hill,,to join other streams every day,,

then we roll along,,joining ourselves to others,,along the way,,

we laugh and we dance,,as we finally pour,, ourselves down the rivers broad banks,,

we then joyously rush,,to be joined to the sea,,in that circle of life,,every day..”

There’s a river of life,,inside each one of us,,created to flow the same way,,

We’re far to often kept,, from joining ourselves,,as obstacles,,get in the way,,

Oh I have a part,,just as you have a part,,and their each vital in their own way,,

When joined we’ll flow out,,to the sea to complete,,that circle of life,,every day,,  c.d.m.2000

…When will we really grasp that two are better than one,,that the word says”WE” have the mind of Christ….That We need one another, and the part of “Him”, that is in those who receive Him…Ephesians 4 :15-16,”Rather let our lives lovingly express truth.Enfolded in love,let us grow up in every way and in all things into Him,Who is the Head,even Christ..16,For because of Him the whole body,{the church,in all it’s various parts,}closely joined and firmly knit together by the joints and ligaments with which it is supplied,when each {that means each } part is working properly,grows to full Maturity,,building itself up in love..” [amplified version]  Sounds like we need each other,to me…How about you?         sis.c                                                         

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The Poets Nook, guest poet, sis Connie,,



Sandy and Sundays…


On Sunday mornings
(weather permitting)
A middle aged woman
called Sandy
walks the gravel road
to the old church..
she brings
a notebook
and a candle..
she believes
the old church walls
listens to her prayers.
She lights the candle
in faith…
Trusting it’s light
to lead the way
for loved ones past
( and Angels)
to find her..
the old walls seem
to welcome her prayers.
there are no people.
there  are no pews.
just Sandy
and a candle burning..
she writes prayers
and folds then neatly
hiding them in the walls
and  tiny cracks
in the wooden floors…
Knowing Angels
will find them
and take them to God…..


poetry and picture by sister connie.

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Do we keep our promises,,,


Look for us,we’ll be there,,I remember hearing that caption…Do any of you? I’ve also heard well meaning people, speak those words…Sometimes they follow through,,and sometimes they don’t…We really need to seek the grace, to grow in the area of faithfulness…Saying what we mean,,and meaning what we say…Letting our actions do our speaking…One way of growing in this area,,is to practice Jesus’ method,,His was simple,He only said what He heard {present tense} the Father “saying”, only did what He saw the Father “doing”…All the results of an on-going,state of fellowship…Now I’m not saying ,we can’t enjoy life,talk about,movies,books, the news,{ugh,not to much and with a prayer in our hearts},go to a wedding..We really,really,should be the” LIFE “of the party…Fellow travelers,we must have that LIFE,to be that LIFE…It’s all”in” Him,in following in His foot steps..Some would say that’s impossible,,,No, it’s do-able, or we would not have been told {commanded} to do it…St.John 15:10- “IF you keep my commandments,you shall abide in My love,even as I have kept My Father’s commandments,and abide in His love..[."Abide,,greek,"meno",,to stay{in a given,place,state,revelation,or expectancy}abide,continue,dwell,endure,BE PRESENT,remain,stand,tarry for"],,verse 11″These things have I spoken to you,that,My JOY might remain in you,and that your JOY might be full”.["Joy,,greek,"chara",, cheerfulness,calm{I'll repeat that} calm delight,gladness."] Sounds like an answer to how to be “here”,and yet be the “Life” of the party…I long to grow up,,in this and many other areas,of my life…Ephesians 4:15 Amp..Rather,let our lives lovingly express truth {in all things speaking truly,dealing truly, }.Enfolded in love,let us grow up in every way and in all things,into Him Who is the Head{even} Christ {the Messiah,the Anointed One} Lord HELP us, be here and yet abide in You, so we can be the life of every party, and hear the words, well done, in Jesus name, Amen     sis.c

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supposed to be the smallest church in Ohio.down by coolville.

2452747410_a5a3e1cac9Matt. 18:20,,Jesus said where ever two or three are gathered in His name,He is there in the midst…There couldn’t be much more than 2 or 3,at a time in this little house of God. But numbers was never the point,of gathering… There is a lot more to gathering in His NAME, then just showing up…Gathered,means,drawn together as His followers,,,Name in the Greek is” onoma” meaning authority,and character,,That puts a whole different spin on our “gatherings” or should…A few years ago you would see W.W.J.D. every where..That’s a good thought,but actions speak much louder than words…Here’s a poem I wrote about it in 2001…

Every where I see the question,W.W.J.D.,,

I think I know the answer,may I share it here with you,,,

First He’d find a quiet place,to seek the Fathers heart,,,

From there He’d learn just how and where His daily walk should start,,,

He’d go out into the highways and byways,searching high and low,,,

For lost and weary souls out there,without a place to go,,,

He’d gather them up in His arms,and wash away the dirt,,,

Then bear them up before the Throne,to kiss away their hurts,,,

He’d set them all in families,never more to be alone,,,

So they could share the Oneness with the Father,He has known,,,

See the answers very simple,as to W.W.J.D.,,,

The question is my friend, now what will you and I both do?    


Check out Psalms 68:6,,as to how the Father wants us all in family’s,or what we call,,,church…                                 sis.c








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My Nose is Pressed Against the Window,,,

Most of us have heard someone say, “I felt like I was standing, outside with my nose pressed against the window.”
Meaning to express left out ; in need , and so on.
But this picture speaks to me, of another condition of heart. One we do not often hear described, by those effected, because they are on the inside looking out and maybe unable to speak out or ask.
The post on this Blog, ‘An Open Line for Prayer’, got me to thinking along these lines. There have been lots of hits on it in its one day of life. But only one request so far. I know there are needs out there.
One is that we learn how to step out and ask. Jesus taught us to seek, knock and ask. That means we need to muster up our faith and boldness, and press thru the window so to speak, and ask.
Another scripture comes to mind, Revelation chap.3 verse 20, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if ANYONE hears AND listens to and HEEDS My voice,  I WILL come in to him, and will eat with him, and he will eat with Me”.
There is nothing holding us back except fear or never having known.  But now you have been told, so open that window.    Cheryl363700851_fe49e9c242

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another whisper, from the Lilly bed,,,


Song of Sol.,chapter 2:2,”,As the Lilly among thorns,,so is MY love among the daughters”…Words of love for those who love Him..In the Hebrew,,Lilly is Showshannah,,both words even have a beautiful sound. I believe purposefully chosen,,as another example of His great love toward us..How can we help but respond?   The word Lilly means a flower or ornament,,a trumpet,,{from the shape} to make bright,,and cheerful,,to make glad…The sound and the meaning,,both reflective of His heart,,and perception of us…That blows me away..I ask again,,”How can we help but respond?”This is one of my responses,, , from,,05 ,,Let your heart respond to Him,,your words are beautiful to Him,,He loves to hear your whispers,,,,   sis.c                                                                             

With the rising of the sun,,my heart begins to run,,

Lord,I’m seeking after You,,

As it shines through out the day,,Your Light shines on my way,,

Lord,I’m seeking after You,,

You are, the essence of my soul,,

The One ,Who makes me whole,,

Lord,I’m seeking after You,,

In You, my life is made complete,,

I bow before Your feet,,

Lord,I’m seeking after You,,

At the ending of the day,,

My heart begins to pray,,

Lord,I’m seeking after You,,

Watch, and keep me through the night,,

Let me wake up in Your Light,,

Lord,I’m seeking after You,,

You are the essence of my soul,,

The One Who makes me whole,,

Lord, I’m seeking after You,,

In You, my life is made complete,,

I bow before Your feet,,

Lord, I’m seeking after You,,,,,



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whispers from the Lilly bed,



The Song of Solomon,the most passionate writing,I’ve ever ran across..Guess what,it is all about the Lord’s love and desire for us!! All those in this world,who have an ear to hear His whispers,and the breath {ruwach} to whisper a response..Those whispers may come in the form of a prayer,a song, a poem, or even a sigh of contentment..But like He spoke in chap.4,verse 9″Thou hast ravished My heart with one of thine eyes,” So look,listen ,and whisper..He longs to be ravished..This is a whisper,from3/06   

Moses had the cleft,

                                                The angels use their wings,

I apply the Blood,

to come before,Your throne to sing,,

There kings present their crowns,

and others their wealth bring,

I’ll present a living sacrifice for You my King,

and I’ll sing,Jesus,,

Jesus,I love You,,

Jesus, I need You,

Jesus,I live and breath Your name,,

Saviour,I love You,

Lord,I adore You,

Jesus,I live and breath Your name,,

I live and breath Your name,,,


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An Open Door pt.2

Behold,I set before you an OPEN DOOR…Rev.3:8,,,I can’t help but notice out of 7 churches,only one received this promise…Gives one cause to stop,,,and ponder.Verse 7 records,”He that opens and no MAN shuts…Why are so many doors being shut? Could it be ,that we have shut up our bowels of compassion,leaving no reason for doors to be left open? Selah,,,Why is the world not knocking our doors down,to find what they need so badly? I submit,maybe the answer can be found in An Open Door pt.1 That we have strayed from THE commandment of most importance,straight from the Lords own mouth. Loving  Him first and others as ourselves..Lord,help us be more like the church of Philadelphia,and less like Laodicea…A song written at the founding of the Fathers House Min. in July of 2000…The strange part was,the first building we rented had an obstinate front door,that refused to stay shut…

At The Fathers House,,, 

All alone out there,,on the corner stands a woman,,,

Barely visible,,from the shadows,of the night,,,

Tho I cannot see her face,somehow I know her,,,

And the sorrow of ,the loneliness she fights,,,

In my heart I sense an urgency, to reach her,,,

And to share with her ,the sum of her true worth,,,

For the Father gave of Heavens,greatest treasure,,,

As the redemption price,to purchase her new birth….

{ And I hear Him calling,,,”Come unto Me,All you who need rest,,,

I’LL restore your souls,as you lean upon My breast”,,,}

Cause at the Fathers house the door is always open,,,

And you’ll hear Him calling,Welcome,do come in,,,

At the Fathers house His mercy,is over flowing,,,

And you’ll find power to deliver you from sin…

Further down the road,alone a man is sitting,,,

Having tried and failed again,all hope is gone,,,

And if someone does not reach out, with compassion,,,

He will never find the strength,to carry on,,,

He’s tried with all that’s in him,never knowing,,,

There is a source of strength,available to him,,,

That will far surpass all human strength and wisdom,,,

And give him power to start over once again,,,          c.d.m.July 2000

              Are we keeping the door open?      Lord help us,reopen the heart of compassion in us..Allow Your great Agape love to over take us,,so we hear the slightest knock on the door,,Strengthen us with Your might and power,,to fulfill the great calling that is upon us,,to be “open doors” to You,,in Jesus name we pray,,amen..                                              sis c





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