The End


So the warrior lay down his wings

tossed his halo off to the side.

He’d seen too many wounded and scarred.

Far too many, lay down and died.

The war had raged on for too long.

Somewhere. he’d forgotten his song.

Now he was so weary and bleak.

Tomorrows. he’d no longer seek.

Take heed soldiers young and so strong,

Perhaps you’re not where you belong.

When all has best said and is done,

be sure you’re on the side, that has won.

la fin

cdm 9/7/20

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cold 2

Sad state of affairs
Stuck in the middle
Cause nobody cares.

Never dreams of change
Nor reaching for stars
Too little input
And too many scars.

Perhaps just a word
Of encouragement
Could change someone’s life
With one complement.

Loose them from that trap
Set them on the course
Of  joyous plenty.

1/25/18 CDM 


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I don’t like haiku
It breaks my heart to tell you
but I must be true.


I don’t like haiku.

c.d.m. 2018

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Kiss the speckled frog




Kiss the speckled frog
and a prince he may become
“neath the warm spring sun.

The sky opens up
warm spring rain is spilling down
drops frogs on the ground.

Mystery explained.
Water funnel picked them up
dropping them about.


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The Farm




While driving a back road the other day
came across an old farm in sad decay.
I pulled off to the side to view the site.
Wonder how this farm fell into this plight.

Searching I pictured sites; from long ago.
The farmhouse was blanketed by the snow.
Smoke curled from the chimney by night and day.
Kids ignored the cold while busy at play.

Looked once again and saw Spring drawing nigh.
As play was replaced by chores by and by.
All hands were required to work the farm.
With each generation; farm life lost charm.

With summer came work from daylight to dark
and seldom a chance for a play-day lark.
A dip in the creek; seemed a rare treasure.
Life on a farm left small time for pleasure.

With Fall’s arrival came new work to do.
There’s meat and tators; to mention a few.
Cords of dry wood to stack neatly in rows.
Then stock the larder and fill the silos.

Winter comes to offer a brief repose.
Dad works on the books and Mama she sews.
Kids all enjoy; what seems a holiday.
Climbing the hill to ride down on a sleigh.

Each passing year the desire has waned.
“Jobs are in town,” all the children explained.
Venturing off they all leave one by one,
parents pass on and the farm; it is done.

Farm life’s been replaced by sad memories,
I thought as I sat there beneath the trees.
A life style forgotten and left behind.
One trip pass that farm brought this all to mind.

c.d.m. 2010

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Sweet Birthday



Sweet Birthday

Today is once more my birthday
and I can’t help but recall,
One that stands out in memory
the sweetest birthday of all.

Up on the hill sat our home place.
It’s four rooms really quite small.
If there was anything lacking
I never noticed at all.

The babe now slept in the cradle
so I got the horse-hair couch.
If you’ve never slept on horse-hair
it’s painful, of that I’ll vouch.

That day I woke to a sad sound
the sound of my Mommy’s tears,
she wept at the kitchen table,
never forgot through the years.

Said, “What is the matter Mommy?”
Then listened as she explained.
With no eggs for my birthday cake,
crumbles were all that remained.

Just then we heard the footsteps of
someone at our front porch door.
There sat four bags of groceries,
stuffed full with no room for more.

Off in the mist of the fresh snow
we could barely see that day
light’s from my Uncle Bob’s tail-lights
as he quickly drove away.

Always recall my fourth birthday
with a sad smile on my face.
Recalling the good and bad times
the blessings of my home place.

Cheryl Davis Miller 2/26/18

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Home for Christmas


No home to go to for Christmas,
more than just the homeless can tout.
There’s other’s alone on Christmas;
so that’s what this short poem’s about.

Many my age do get lonely
especially at this time of year.
As children grow-up and marry
and parents must move to the rear.

I made those choices long ago.
That’s when I decided to stay;
at home with my kids for Christmas.
So kids with the new toys could play.

Now years later, too late I fear;
I think that I made a mistake.
I should have gone home for Christmas.
Home’s one place we should not forsake.

Now there is no ‘ home’ to go to,
for mother and dad have passed on.
Sadly I taught my own children;
and my chance to go home is gone.

c.d.m. 12/ 24/13

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Kate’s Law


I had a dream like
Martin Luther King.
Where I lived in a
sovereign nation.

My children could play
in the streets each day,
without fear from an
alien gunman.

But the people slept
as base henchmen crept,
into office’s
meant for our leaders.

Blind sheep awaken
retake our nation,
cause right now we’re just
tax paying breeders.

It ought not to be
that our citizenry,
has little to do
for our protection.

That criminals walk
since the dead can’t talk,
and lawyers practice
racist deflection.


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The Bucket


When the bucket is empty
and the well has run dry
which way shall we all turn and
to Whom shall we then cry?

Denying the evidence
of the Creator’s hand
we’ve bartered and borrowed we
refuse to understand.

That every good thing must
some day come to an end
We can try to ignore it
as we try to pretend.

That this life will just go on
and that nothing will change
that there’s always tomorrow
and death we’ll shortchange.

Then life’s bucket is empty
and our well has run dry
if we call out to Jesus
He will always reply.


cdm 10/13/17

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The Question



What if Mary Magdalen
had fallen say, for John?
So much she felt within her heart
that she could not go on.

Who would have waited at the tomb
in agonizing pain,
who would the Lord have then sent forth
His ‘Good News’ to proclaim.

The first of many that were sent
and her the first female.
If her heart was divided would
her ministry derail?

Difficult this task of living
here in this world below
to touch this realm and not be touched
a hardship that I know.

I throw this question up to You
Who dwells beyond the sky,
‘If I’ve been touched is it too late?’
I wait for Your reply.


c.d.m. 8/4/17

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A shudder running up my spine
without reason nor any rhyme
a constant process I confess
reminder of my loneliness.

Where are the answers I once knew
where are the friendships I thought true?
Hands to hold, and ears to listen
just be there, a simple mission.

As I have been in seasons past
to comfort, console, act steadfast
to seek for explanations,’ why? ‘
to tend the wounds and balm apply.

This loneliness I cannot bear
I’m reaching out, no one is there
so I begin to then withdraw
attempting to become so small

I don’t feel loneliness at all.

cheryl davis miller 6/23/17

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Stones and Rocks


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Goliath had four brothers
that is the reason why,
David picked up five smooth stones
the giant to defy.

He dared to stand and face him
as armies shook with fear.
One stone knocked the giant down
so David could draw near.

He picked up that giant’s sword
to swiftly take his head,
one blow to God’s enemy
Goliath lay there dead.

But David did not cast off
the four remaining stones,
in case the brothers ever
required a gravestone.

Don’t lose sight in the battle
think one fight, and it is done.
Depend upon our Brother,
Who’s ev’ry battle won.


‘He has placed my feet upon a Rock,
high above my enemies.’


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Forever True

summer 004

And as we fail
He loves us still,
The Lamb of God
Our Fathers will.

That none be lost
No none at all
The captive sons
Of Adams fall.

He yet cries out,
“Child where are you?”
Father and Son,
Forever true.

c.d.m. 5/7/17

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The Apple Cart


The upsetting of the apple cart,
feared by both sides of the aisle.
Total eclipse of what I’ve held to,
both sides are revealed to be vile.

Who can we look to for honesty
for substance to lend us credence?
When the highest court in all the land
shows an unjust weight and balance.

No one in Washington desires change,
they love the deception at court.
Portraying a facade of factions
they truly just ‘themselves’ support.

We’re on our own if Hillary wins,
because all will remain the same.
Both sides of the aisle serving self,
representing US only in name.

So look at the apples neatly stacked
but there won’t be any for you.
Only the crooked ones at the top
will partake of the revenue.
cheryl davis miller 10/14/16

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Wild and Crazy Times


Obama’s walking in; like Steve Martin,
as he once played “a wild and crazy guy”
Kerry joins the fray, with Botox display
wishes simply to Obama’s will, comply.

Lynch bends the law to set Hillary free
makes a joke of the law we all obey.
This group riddled the law; to screw us all.
Round’s out this motley crew with James Comey.

Huma Aberdeen, an Iranian,
I’m sure she has our interests at heart.
Valerie Jarrett too, the Whitehouse shrew
wants the constitution law to depart.

Who will free us from the traitorous clan,
and then raise ‘Old Glory’ high once again?
You and I my friend, this message we send;
only Trump will defend the working man.

Hear their half-filled screams, the elite mainstreams,
as they mock and call us deplorable?
But there’s coming a day, they all will say;
” Well I guess a Trump win, was feasible.”
Cheryl Davis Miller 9 /21 /16

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The Rabbit Hole



Another one slipped down the ‘rabbit hole’
a victim of modern-day plague.
Of sorrow pain, and self medication
to escape; to the scape of the vague.

Gone without a word; of explanation
lost to us here in, this earthly realm.
She was gone many years prior to death
since life first began to overwhelm.

No time left for goodbyes, spoken to you
nor even one more ‘You will be missed.’
No chance for a hug, or a memory,
such as when your sweet cheek I last kissed.

Please children stay clear of the ‘rabbit hole,’
for no comfort will you find down there.
Just sorrow for those that you leave behind,
as you fall for the enemies snare.
Cheryl Davis Miller 9/18/16

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A leader
I am so disappointed in those of the conservative G.O.P.
That refused to abide by their pledge,
and support the winner of the Presidential race.

Unbelievable, they each in their own way, demonstrated,
the reason Trump has won the nomination.
Get this Trump displayed more maturity than all of them.

Cruz is perhaps the biggest disappointment of all.
Remember how he often reminded us, that we don’t have
4 more years to waste? Yet he is slimily placing himself
in position for 2020. He was my actual first choice,
except for the check in my spirit. One shared by most of my
Christian friends and many people in the workplace.

He proved the check correct, when he showed up at the GOP convention
to push his own agenda. He rightly was booed off the stage in the end.
He may as well go back to practice law, b/c most will not forget,
he broke his pledge. If he did so in this case,
how can we believe anything else he would promise?

Next is Kasich, gave him a look or two. He was above the fray,
wouldn’t get into mud-slinging. He was a CHRISTIAN.
But has no problem breaking his pledge, and acting like a pouting child.

Have I said how disappointed I am?  Oh yes, I see it now.

Then Rubio, I have loved that little guy since I first
saw him sweating it out, while reaching for his water.
What an orator, what a life story.
Quickly I saw during the debates, he cannot yet stand his ground.
So he gives his endorsement, via Skype or whatever.
He can now join the big boys club, i.e. Bush, Cruz and Kasich’s,
and say he did not go either. What was he afraid Mr. Trump
would grab Little Marco and give him some noogies, like Bill Murray
on S.N.L. ala Todd and Lisa?

Then the Bush’s none showing up. I have supported them,
defended them, and loved them since G.H.W.’s stint as VP.
Sadly ashamed.

Have I told you how disappointed I am?
Well I am GLAD Mr.Trump was my final choice.

Cheryl Davis Miller 7/21/16

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The Garden’s Fee



I planted a garden
a thing of beauty.
Each plant placed with forethought
and love tenderly.

I watered and pruned it
fed it cautiously.
Carefully arranged my
garden symphony.

One day it had grown to
full capacity.
It was time to un-robe
my thing of beauty.

So long I’d tended it
down on bended knee.
When finished there were none
to view it with me.

I realized sadly
my garden’s true fee;
had taken my whole life
and left me lonely.

A gardens for sharing
with one’s family;
else there are none to view
your work of beauty.

c.d.m. 6 / 5/ 16

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Is he Wright’s chicken coming home
to America to roost?
Perhaps the gate-keeper from hell
satan’s legions to unloose.

 Either way one things for certain;
Obama’s not on our side.
In every possible way
common sense he has denied.

He has divided all semblance
of one nation under God;
disregards our Constitution
onto which he runs roughshod.

The ‘Divider in Chief’ is how
we  will all sadly recall;
how he had promised ‘hope and change’
but brought bitterness and gall.

Wants to transform our great nation
more like Cuba and Fidel;
but much to his disdain they said,
“Hey Obama go to hell!”

“We remember the embargo
can’t forget the Bay of Pigs;
when your nation had a leader
his red lines, he’d not renege.”

Seems that communist think clearer
than the average liberal.
Obama’s Legacy will read
‘Presidency of a fool.’

cdm 3/29/16

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Shaft’s Shadow



Attempts  walking in the shadow
of a man known as ‘Shaft’
epitome of cool right from;
that old seventies draft.

To cool to ever bother with
an Isis massacre.
So even human decency
to underlings defer.

So he’ll wave along with Raoul
while at the baseball game;
then take both planes to Argentine
poor people bear the blame.

It’s their ‘heat source’ and way of life
causing global warming.
Not private jets two at a time
nor excessive blabbing.

Nero played while Rome was burning
not so in Chicago;
no time to learn an instrument
tries dancing the Tango.

So all of these examples are
aimed to; display his cool.
Sorry Mister Obama to
poor folks you play the fool.

cdm 3/25/16

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Spring is at the Door,

Future Post


I looked out, of the window today,
and I was excited, to see,
A Robin-red breast, there in the snow,
peering back quizzically, at me,
I exclaimed,”Oh guess what I just saw,
on the 25th day, of January?,
“Well I  just don’t know, what’s excited you so,”
answered, sweet Rosemary.

I shared with her, what I had viewed
and the cause for my exclamation!
That when once we see the Robin’s return;
it’s a call for winter’s cessation.
That country folk have believed it is so
for generation’s, now long since past.
And that all try to be; the first one to see
the foretelling of Spring’s coming at last.

With that the sun suddenly peeked out
for the very first time that day.
As if right on que; to confirm the sight too
that Spring surely is coming our way.
I offered up thanks to my Father;
that all thing’s have beginning and end.
That winter’s long grip is passing
and that Spring is coming my friend…


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The Porch and the Altar

Thought this post could be relevant today.

Dancing with believers's Blog


Joel 2:17; Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, Weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, “Spare Thy people, O Lord, and  give not Thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them, wherefore [why] should they say among the people ,”Where is their God?”

Between the porch and the altar.    The dwelling place of those, who are referred to as Priests and Ministers of the Lord. [ We are referred to as such]  Porches representing Portals, Entry ways, to the Altar.  The place of worship, access and ministry, to the Most High God.

The dual calling, or purpose, and Life of the people of God.  The scripture states; Let them weep. [Hebrew=Bakah – to weep, bewail, complain, mourn, be sore with tears]. Also a tree grown in the region the’ weeping tree’ of the balsam  or mulberry family.

Also a valley,  in the Holy Land.  The Valley…

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Hillary’s Train


There is a slow train coming; it
is just beyond the curve.
I hear the whistle blowing
it brings what you deserve.

We have watched you smile coyly
while others backs you climb.
Now comes a day of reckoning;
and judgement for your crimes.
It’s coming for you Lady;
can’t you hear the sound?
You can’t escape it Lady;
it’s gonna run you down.
Yeah that train keeps on comin
you can’t hide; you will be found.
Every dog has it day girl,
yours is long over due;
I love that whistle Hillary
it’s coming after you.

You’ll have a long time deary to
look back on all you’ve done.
No need to now say,”Sorry” and
there is no place to run.
It’s coming for you Lady;
can’t you hear the sound?
You can’t escape it Lady;
it’s gonna run you down.
Yeah that train keeps on comin
you can’t hide; you will be found.

We have watched you smile coyly
while others backs you climb.
Now comes a day of reckoning;
and judgement for your crimes.

So take what you have coming and
don’t bother to shed tears.
You never pitied anyone
you crushed through out the years.
It’s coming for you Lady;
can’t you hear the sound?
You can’t escape it Lady;
it’s gonna run you down.
Yeah that train keeps on comin
you can’t hide; you will be found.

[To the tune of Johnny Cash’s Folsom ‘Prison Blues’]

cdm  1/17/16

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The Shallow End


I sought you out in the shallow end
you do not wade out in the deep.
You seek today for a plastic friend
to come and go; not one to keep.

You bare a painted on, smile these days
it fools those passing through your life.
Casual acquaintance one and all
none caring your heart’s rife with strife.

Each looking for a jolly time which,
your opaque shell; can now reflect.
With none watching how a crack has formed
your heart laid bare, your soul unchecked.

A shallow pool you’ve choosen to swim
thinking your safe from pain and harm.
Taking no note of those floating by
shallow deceit waits to disarm.

c.d.m.  1/2/16

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The Dog Fight


Well the dogs have begun to fight amongst themselves
it’s a sight for the nation to behold.
Al Sharpton’s going after Rahm Emanuel
that’s like the pot thinking it’s; made of gold.

Double opportunists wrestling for the main stage
neither knowing; the theaters on fire.
They have used and abused, this nation all along
only concern was; what they could acquire.

It’s only the beginning; watch and see what’s next
they’ll find we’re not as stupid as they thought.
They’ve been the fox in the henhouse many years now;
but surprise! That old fox has now been caught!

I predict the pendulum is just about to swing
they’ve pushed us ’bout as far as we can go.
The ‘left’ is gonna have a rude awakening.
Grab a seat, and sit back and watch the show.
c.d.m. 12/29/15

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Police Lives Matter


We all vowed to serve and protect
 to lay our lives down if need be.
 Young hearts with great expectations
 jubilant and also naive.

Day after day while recalling
 our purpose believed to be found;
 instead viewed as an enemy
 which the few ‘bad apples’ compound.

Consider we too are humans
 who face crisis and crime most days.
 The law was ordained to keep us
 all safe from the lawless crime waves.

We are of all ethnicities
 share red blood and uniforms blue.
 The first to respond in chaos
 to come be of service to you.

So when you see a police car
 that’s cruising down your avenue;
 perhaps you might wave and greet us
 remember we are there for you.

cdm 12/23/15

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‘ You cannot take the other’s place ‘
words I once spoke in haste.
Now that your gone, I find I wish
those words I could replace.

I hope somehow, somewhere out there
that you hear what I say.
Your place cannot be taken and
I’ll miss you ev’ry day.

I’ve learned a vital lesson; one
I hope not to forget.
Life’s short we must watch what we say,
so we won’t have regret.


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The Abyss


The dangers of the black abyss
objects; unseen, unheard.
Can hinder footing in the dark
amidst the waste cluttered.

For whirling there in blackness are
the pain of years gone by;
generational waste, passed to
the next one as they die.

So on and on the starved black hole
consumes more life each day,
and those trapped in the vast wasteland
become no more than prey.

There are no cries heard from that void
the darkness ate their voice.
imploding into emptiness
without knowledge of choice.

One can’t fill the black abyss’
unknown capacity,
for into self it draws and draws
to feed the beast’s belly.

Yet Light has come and reached out to
all those trapped by this beast.
From darkness you can reach out and
from blackness be released.

c.d.m. 12/17/15

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The Crusaders

crescent moon

Much is spoken when ones passes on and,
they can no longer speak for themselves.
Base nature causes one; to defame some,
into darkness public opinion delves.

Such is the case of Crusaders of old,
those who had lived; and died for the masses.
They stood between dark evil, and mankind
during the time of the dark ages clashes.

Had they never been, where would we all be
with the blackness of the crescent moon’s rule.
No freedom of choice, for woman or child
just the Koran, and the face of a ghoul.

Today ‘words’ fly out from all corners and
even history books, have been altered.
Now I tell you the truth of Crusaders,
but for them this whole world, had been conquered.

I’ll speak another truth, if I may now
the words of the Koran have not changed.
Followers of the crescent moon’s flag are,
blindly enslaved by, a mad ghoul deranged.

cdm 12/13 /15

vic bvic c

vic dvictims a

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Now ‘Who’s Stupid?’

faded glory

I am so sick of the bias shown in the world today, it even frustrates me with God at times. I know He is just, that His time and ours is different. I know that He is merciful, but sometimes I wonder when will He show mercy to us. And level some justice.

This mornings particular rant is due to a ‘CBS This Morning’ show. They ran a clip from ‘Colbert’s’ latest reward, a late night show.
[pronounced coal-burt there fella, except yourself as you are] Any way, Colburt was mocking presidential candidate Ben Carson,
[Who happens to be a black conservative American.] because
Mr. Carson mispronounced Hamas [as though anyone should give enough thought to that murderous crew, so as to fret
about correct pronunciation of their name, may they rush to hell ] Mr. Carson pronounced it humus as in the bean dip.
Colburt went on and on making it out like Mr. Carson was stupid.
[ HE literally is a brain surgeon] The show hosts laughed and laughed.

I remember back when a rodeo clown dared to dawn an ‘Obama’ mask, and I believe was fired for such blasphemy. I don’t get it.

Next they focused on the traitor Bowe Bergdahl. His first interview, in which he claimed he was trying to prove he was capable, a Jason Bourne type. They reported he had been ‘kidnapped’ by the enemy.
NO he sought them out, and cost several American soldiers their  lives in the process.

This of course was then followed by them mocking Trump and laughing about a clip of him being filmed with a bald eagle.

I know, I know at the end of the day what does all this mean. It’s irrelevant to eternity.

Excuse me it gets to me. Much like Mark Zuckerberg’s apology to the Muslims for what Donald Trump recently stated,
that ‘ we need to put a stop or hold on all Muslims’ coming into our country. Some say it’s unconstitutional, others say it is legal.
Most Americans say it is wise.

Does Mr. Zuckerberg believe such words will affect the way ‘those people’
[radical Islamists] will treat ‘his people’ the nation of Israel and Jewish people, or even Americans for that matter.
Now that is naive, to be nice.

They are our enemy, by their choosing and doctrine. They are at war with us regardless of,  if we want to except the fact or not.
Maybe we want to act like Mr. Zuckerberg and hope they decide
to ‘play nice’ with us.
c.d.m. December tenth in the year of My Lord 2015

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The Blitz

the blitz

You cannot appease a bully
so please folks accept this fact.
Can’t change the mind of terrorists,
with satan they’ve made a pact.

They only live; to kill and die
to maim and destroy as well.
You cannot reason with madness
that flows from the pits of hell.

Call it simple work place anger
from bias, et cetera.
Blame it on, America’s guns
not far left Islam’s dogma.

You cowards with evil intent
want a one world government.
You think to dis-arm us,
cause you cannot charm us.
You think us all malcontents.

So wake up America; there’s
an enemy in our midst.
Try’s to deceive, make us believe
it’s not an Islamic blitz.

cdm 12/3/15


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My Friend


When left out on the streets alone
Lord, you were always there.
When no one else was listening
with You Lord, I could share.

Sometimes I leave that girl behind
forget how life was then.
When I felt oh so lonely and
You were my only Friend.

I want to thank You one more time
before I lapse once more,
my faithful Friend, Who took my hand
and changed me evermore.

cdm 11/20/15

Oh Jerusalem, how oft I would have gathered you
under My wings as a hen gathers her chicks.

[words of Jesus]

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Excuse Me

If we lived in a gentler time
my words would kinder be.
The harshness of terrain these days
can get the best of me.

So please excuse the coarseness of
my language now and then,
I only mean to speak my mind
and never to offend.

The writing lets the steam off so
I don’t explode; for real!
Believe me I hold most inside
else volumes I would fill.
cdm 11/17/15

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No To Refugees


Excuse us Sir, if we say ‘pass’
not welcome to the masses.
As they slip through the net YOU threw
to; come kill our asses.

How stupid do you think we are?
Not half as dumb as you.
We won’t sit down with snakes to eat,
because YOU tell us to.

Listen to Trump and others and
just aid them over there.
Cause from their midst come murderers
and we don’t need them here.

cdm 11/17/15

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Take The Helm

When Peewee Herman’s at the helm
all nerves are set on edge.
World feels like a teeter totter
that dangles on a ledge.

Voice your concern and Tiny Tim’s
in a world-wide melt down.
The fact that any question him
makes Timmy scowl and frown.

Each point of disagreement draws
the race card from the deck.
With Peewee Herman at the helm
our angst predicts shipwreck.

But there’s a Captain on the rise
to take the helm in hand.
Perhaps he’ll guide our battered ship
from storm-tossed sea to land.

cdm 11/17/15

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Dead at Heart


How could it be that I grieve so
yet you never remember me?
Try to move on, forward not back
but my head and heart can’t agree.

How’s one pretend, it matters not?
One half of a whole’s still the same.
Missed that class in the school of life.
I flinch each time I hear your name.

What made your heart grow cold and hard?
How do you take a breath these days?
You now exist, while dead at heart
as the smile on your face displays.
cdm 11/13/15

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She Smiles…


She smiles as she ponders on
the yesterdays now past.
She smiles in the afterglow
of victories steadfast.

She smiles though she knows there’s more
behind her than before.
She smiles for she knows who waits;
to greet her on the shore.

She smiles as we all wonder what
it is she’s thinking on.
She smiles that’s what we’ll recall
when one day she is gone.

cdm 10/24/15

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Quibble squabble, spit and spat.

A leader

Eeny meeny miny moe
safest bet is Uncle Joe.
Murderer or socialist,
settle for the nations Jest.

You ask,” Why a democrat?”
I would love to address that.
The ‘Right’s’ grown so far apart,
lost before the battle’s start.

I want this! I must have that!
Quibble squabble, spit and spat.
My picks not in! My picks out!
Think I’ll just stay home and pout!

He said this, and she did that!
Quibble squabble, spit and spat.
Steady feast of news and net,
source of angst; result regret.

Eeny meeny miny moe
safest bet is Uncle Joe.
Murderer or socialist,
settle for the nations Jest.

10/10/15 cdm

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The Fix

dec.13 107

I’ve seen a sadness in your eyes
that breaks my heart to see
Yet all the while you try to hide
your feelings far from me.

We’ve known each other for to long
to hide such emotion.
So I’ve laid pen to paper to;
rid you of that toxin.

The words,” I’m sorry,” aren’t hard
I’ve said it many times.
If you would try it, you would find
the joy of our pastimes.

I would, if I thought it could change
the wrong that you have done.
But it’s your turn to scale the walls
to see this wrong undone.

8/27/15   c.d.m.

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The End


A Mommy somewhere is crying
a child’s alone tonight
A mate tries to face tomorrow
while Dad sheds tears out of sight.

One mourns a friend gone forever
someones plan seems to be lost.
There’s none left untouched by warfare,
while too many count the cost.

Since time began, it has been so
bullets or words start the fight.
The end result remains the same
someone is crying tonight.


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For those Suffering the World Over, for the Lord.

Cheryl pics 175

The First Martyr’s Testimony

Stephen lived sometime ago
in a land of great turmoil.
When those in power served themselves
the mass’ were their spoil.

So as others all around him
Stephens hopes grew very dim.
Til the day he heard Yeshua speak
and hope revived in him.

He was tried; as conflict rose
from those he’d known the best.
But his Saviour’s all consuming love
withstood with ease that test.

With joy and great conviction
he would daily testify.
Til the maddened unbelievers
screamed out Stephen you must die.

With every blow the life ebbed from
his broken earthly form.
Yet his “spirit man”, ascended
dancing high above the storm.

Stephen sang out, “I see Jesus,
mercy Father” was his cry.
The grace in his heart touched the hearts
of some who had stood by.

Today we often hear the tales
of little bodies broken.
While witness’ recount the scene
defence is left unspoken.

Does Jesus’ words still transform
the hearts and lives of men?
Have we enough of Christ in us;
to live and die as Him?

book of Acts 6:5—7:54-60                                      C.D.M. 2009

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Harry’s Legacy


Well you’ve broken my heart, sweet Harry
by saying you will not run again.
To speak sentiments very clearly
to this paper I have put my pen.

You’ve lied and connived your whole ‘career’
while creating this ‘progressive’ trend,
a dream coming true, living to see
your tyrannical reign finally end.

You have led the charge ever bravely
to knock all the ‘right’ out of the way.
By hook and by crook you determined
you would cripple our nation some day.

Now you are done, so you’re going home
reap richly of that, which you have sown.
May every stray dog in Nevada
cock its leg on ‘old Harry’s’ headstone.

bye-bye Harry, 40 years too much!
c.d.m. 3/27/15

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The Promise

summer 004

I heard geese flying over
in the sky today.
It was like Mother nature
was trying to say,
“Cheer up little girl on
this blustery day,
I promise you that spring time
is well on its way!”

cdm 1/26/15

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Oft Speak To me of Love [for Valentines Day]


Poet’s oft speak of love in such flowery terms
I don’t get what they’re trying to say.
It almost makes me shy away from divulging
how my lover shows love in his way.

Now I’m the word craftsman between he and I
yet he writes poetry silently.
I’ll share a few lines of his work if you like
then you’ll see how he sweet talks me.

Like the day I was trying to mow on a hill
then he hollered out, “Hey I’ll get that”.
If I did not know how he writes poetry
we may have gotten into a spat.

Whenever the labor is heavy or hard
He bears the load for me.
Some girls would call that chauvinistic
but I call that, poetry.

When he says,”Lets go for a ride Babe.”
Then climbs up on the tractor seat.
To go look at the hay or a brand new calf
I call that poetry, sweet.

Thirty-five years of devotion and love
faithfully penned every day.
Now that is some kind of poetry
That mere words could never convey.


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Touched by Madness


In the winding wood’s of Caroline
there on pathway’s up and down.
Nestled ‘neath the pines and green fronds
he said our bodies, would be found.

One hand held to a pint of moonshine
the other bore a twenty-two.
Hours of marching on as he taunted
his threats had always, proven true.

He needed no excuse for madness
his madness came and went with time.
A word, a look or passing fancy
seemed no reason, nor any rhyme.

Mother hid me behind her body
trying to stay between he and I.
Spoke ” Kill me if you must kill someone
she’s just thirteen, too young to die.”

I walked pretending I was elsewhere
whispering a prayer silently.
Knowing if he did kill Mother
he’d turn the gun, and then kill me.

Then just as quickly as it started
he’d proven his point; he was done.
Said,” Let’s get home and fix some supper”
went to the truck, and hid the gun.

You wonder why I’m sometimes weary
or seem to write from some dark place.
Snips of madness haunt my memories
the touch of madness; leaves its trace.

                              c.d.m. 5-25-11

a sad memory

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The Gathering,

I watched as the mother cow’s gathered,
to await as another gave birth.
As for ages human Mothers have gathered,
to assist all over this earth.

The cow’s let her know they are with her
they lick her; as her baby approaches.
I watch as they stand through the twilight
and bed down, as the darkness encroaches.

It touched my heart this faithfulness;
demonstrated by the ‘ladies bovine.’
It touches me more the knowing
it is part of our ‘Creators, design.’

The wonder’s of all His creation;
is made evident to us all everywhere.
This occurred to me as I watched the cow’s gather
so this telling I wanted to share.


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Speaking the Truth in [or due to] Love


Ephesians 4:11-15

11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:


A number one prerequisite for being grounded in the ‘Truth’, is being planted in a body of believers. One where the gifts, of ministry are placed by God and received.

Of all the people [ myself included for a season] I have known, who refused to be ‘planted’ in a body, the reason behind it was a spirit of offence. Which then grew into rebellion, and deposited them eventually into deception.

Psalms 68:6
God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

The word solitary, means precious and irreplaceable, individual child

With care and forethought He places them where they need to be. In that place of [dare I say the word] sub-mission, chains are broken off. The result of refusal, the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

Those are the words of the bible, both new and old testament. Jesus warned His followers of two things, the leaven of the Pharisees, and deception.

When they asked in Matthew 24, ‘What shall be the signs, of all these things coming to pass?’  He answered, and while He mentioned wars, pestilences, and earthquakes one time with-in His discourse, He refers to deception at least 4 times.

If you ask the average Christian ‘what are the signs?’ you will see we have missed the most frequently spoken of and so I believe the most important ‘sign’.

Mean while IF a preacher or teacher of the word, actually calls a spade a spade, a heresy a heresy, or stands up for the Truth, they are reviled. Called un-loving, and looked upon as a bible thumper, ‘out of it’.

A few years ago, Larry King asked two well-known ministers, a point-blank question, “Do you believe that Jesus, is the only way to salvation?”  He being Jewish was looking for a fight or someone to say,” oh Larry you are Jewish, of course you will be saved.”

Sadly, the young man declared to be ‘pastor of the fastest growing church in America’, smiled and said, ” I wouldn’t say that.”

I was crushed, I thought you just missed an opportunity  to share what Jesus said, “I  AM THE DOOR.” No excuses, or avoidance of the Truth, He spoke the Truth, with all of His heart.

The older gentleman, followed the same course, side-stepped the issue. Then to really drive their pre-planned agenda home, the show played old videos from 40 yrs. ago, where he stated the Truth boldly. As though to say ‘see with age he see’s differently now’. That great man should not have been on that show. I would love to see Larry King or anyone else ask the gentleman’s son, that same question today.  Or even me.
Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Notice it is the gospel Of Christ, and must be received to become a partaker of it.
The name of Jesus. Name is ‘onoma’ in the Greek meaning character and position of authority. Even as the thief on the cross called Him Lord.

Acts 4:12   Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

There is so much deception, being propagated today. So many seem fearful to draw lines. Thank God, Jesus was not and is not fearful to speak the Truth, then and now.

2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Be not afraid to speak the Truth in love, perhaps a soul may be saved.     Eternal Truth changes not.

Jesus is Lord,   Cheryl.



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dec.13 129

If I am right; and you are wrong,
you’ve no one but, yourself to blame.
So please don’t lay it at my feet,
by spreading poison to defame.

You chose the path your walking down,
to stand out always is your aim.
So bear the brunt, of years of choice,
and wear the robe of your own shame.

You led the way, as Mothers do;
down this sad path of mad acclaim.
Eternal lives are now at stake,
you’ve no one but, yourself to blame.

    c.d.m.   Mothers Day 5/12/13

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What Would it Take?


Tell me what would it take
to make a “blackbird” smile?
I’ve pondered this question
off and on for a while.

I pass them on the roadway
walking single file.
They wave at passer’s by
but they do not smile.

I respect their tradition,
of austerity.
Still it seems a happy child
should smile to me.

I wonder if they ever have
a time to just play
out chasing butterflies
on a sun lit day.

In the midst of their frolic
do they laugh with glee?
It seems a happy child
should smile, to me.

So tell me,

What does it take,
to make a “black bird” smile?
You see I’ve pondered this question
for quite a while.

c.d.m.   12/31/09

I often pass children walking along the back roads to school,and concern rises in my heart for them. Please add your prayers with mine for these ones who are so sheltered, and yet must live in a cruel and dangerous world.                     cheryl

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The Cleft {my hiding place}

The Cleft

I have a place, to run to,
A place, where I can hide,
A place of peace, and safety,
Where, comfort is supplied,

I’ve been here, for a while.
My roots, are planted deep.
Because the Rock, surrounds  me.
Escaping winds, harsh sweep.

But I just must be honest,
at times I feel hemmed in.
I wonder where I might be,
had it not been for Him.

Gaze from my mountain’s crevice,
Upon, the plains below.
View the forest’s majesty,
and see how vast they grow.

See storms on the horizon,
so quickly sweeping down,
forest lies with-in it’s path,
no safety to be found.

I watch, in utter horror,
the twisted limbs and bough.
They do not share my crevice,
my Rock they do not know.

My complaints are swept away,
I’m thankful once again.
Planted here, within my Cleft,
I’m sheltered safe in Him.

c.d.m.  8-21-10

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