My Friend


When left out on the streets alone
Lord, you were always there.
When no one else was listening
with You Lord, I could share.

Sometimes I leave that girl behind
forget how life was then.
When I felt oh so lonely and
You were my only Friend.

I want to thank You one more time
before I lapse once more,
my faithful Friend, Who took my hand
and changed me evermore.

cdm 11/20/15

Oh Jerusalem, how oft I would have gathered you
under My wings as a hen gathers her chicks.

[words of Jesus]

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Excuse Me

If we lived in a gentler time
my words would kinder be.
The harshness of terrain these days
can get the best of me.

So please excuse the coarseness of
my language now and then,
I only mean to speak my mind
and never to offend.

The writing lets the steam off so
I don’t explode; for real!
Believe me I hold most inside
else volumes I would fill.
cdm 11/17/15

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No To Refugees


Excuse us Sir, if we say ‘pass’
not welcome to the masses.
As they slip through the net YOU threw
to; come kill our asses.

How stupid do you think we are?
Not half as dumb as you.
We won’t sit down with snakes to eat,
because YOU tell us to.

Listen to Trump and others and
just aid them over there.
Cause from their midst come murderers
and we don’t need them here.

cdm 11/17/15

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Take The Helm

When Peewee Herman’s at the helm
all nerves are set on edge.
World feels like a teeter totter
that dangles on a ledge.

Voice your concern and Tiny Tim’s
in a world-wide melt down.
The fact that any question him
makes Timmy scowl and frown.

Each point of disagreement draws
the race card from the deck.
With Peewee Herman at the helm
our angst predicts shipwreck.

But there’s a Captain on the rise
to take the helm in hand.
Perhaps he’ll guide our battered ship
from storm-tossed sea to land.

cdm 11/17/15

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Dead at Heart

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

How could it be that I grieve so
yet you never remember me?
Try to move on, forward not back
but my head and heart can’t agree.

How’s one pretend, it matters not?
One half of a whole’s still the same.
Missed that class in the school of life.
I flinch each time I hear your name.

What made your heart grow cold and hard?
How do you take a breath these days?
You now exist, while dead at heart
as the smile on your face displays.
cdm 11/13/15

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She Smiles…


She smiles as she ponders on
the yesterdays now past.
She smiles in the afterglow
of victories steadfast.

She smiles though she knows there’s more
behind her than before.
She smiles for she knows who waits;
to greet her on the shore.

She smiles as we all wonder what
it is she’s thinking on.
She smiles that’s what we’ll recall
when one day she is gone.

cdm 10/24/15

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Quibble squabble, spit and spat.

A leader

Eeny meeny miny moe
safest bet is Uncle Joe.
Murderer or socialist,
settle for the nations Jest.

You ask,” Why a democrat?”
I would love to address that.
The ‘Right’s’ grown so far apart,
lost before the battle’s start.

I want this! I must have that!
Quibble squabble, spit and spat.
My picks not in! My picks out!
Think I’ll just stay home and pout!

He said this, and she did that!
Quibble squabble, spit and spat.
Steady feast of news and net,
source of angst; result regret.

Eeny meeny miny moe
safest bet is Uncle Joe.
Murderer or socialist,
settle for the nations Jest.

10/10/15 cdm

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A Time To Stand

A leader

The time for polite niceties
is now far in the past.
It’s time to put our war boots on
before the die is cast.

Too many generations have
grown-up beneath a cloud;
of crookedness in leadership
so we must cry aloud.

This is not how it’s meant to be;
that thieves and liars rule.
Devouring the little ones
with law and methods cruel.

Taking no thought for harm they cause
to any or to all.
Tis time to storm the castle gate
let despots heed the call;

of those held down by lawlessness,
for far too many years,
who’ve swallowed back lumps in their throats;
and smiled through bitter tears.

For we saw Camelot falling
and could not lift a hand.
Now time has passed and we have grown;
united we will stand.

To fight while there is life in us
and weapons in our hand.
We’ll stand for sweet America
then, pray God bless our land.

c.d.m. 1/29/14

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The Fix

dec.13 107

I’ve seen a sadness in your eyes
that breaks my heart to see
Yet all the while you try to hide
your feelings far from me.

We’ve known each other for to long
to hide such emotion.
So I’ve laid pen to paper to;
rid you of that toxin.

The words,” I’m sorry,” aren’t hard
I’ve said it many times.
If you would try it, you would find
the joy of our pastimes.

I would, if I thought it could change
the wrong that you have done.
But it’s your turn to scale the walls
to see this wrong undone.

8/27/15   c.d.m.

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The End


A Mommy somewhere is crying
a child’s alone tonight
A mate tries to face tomorrow
while Dad sheds tears out of sight.

One mourns a friend gone forever
someones plan seems to be lost.
There’s none left untouched by warfare,
while too many count the cost.

Since time began, it has been so
bullets or words start the fight.
The end result remains the same
someone is crying tonight.


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For those Suffering the World Over, for the Lord.

Cheryl pics 175

The First Martyr’s Testimony

Stephen lived sometime ago
in a land of great turmoil.
When those in power served themselves
the mass’ were their spoil.

So as others all around him
Stephens hopes grew very dim.
Til the day he heard Yeshua speak
and hope revived in him.

He was tried; as conflict rose
from those he’d known the best.
But his Saviour’s all consuming love
withstood with ease that test.

With joy and great conviction
he would daily testify.
Til the maddened unbelievers
screamed out Stephen you must die.

With every blow the life ebbed from
his broken earthly form.
Yet his “spirit man”, ascended
dancing high above the storm.

Stephen sang out, “I see Jesus,
mercy Father” was his cry.
The grace in his heart touched the hearts
of some who had stood by.

Today we often hear the tales
of little bodies broken.
While witness’ recount the scene
defence is left unspoken.

Does Jesus’ words still transform
the hearts and lives of men?
Have we enough of Christ in us;
to live and die as Him?

book of Acts 6:5—7:54-60                                      C.D.M. 2009

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Harry’s Legacy


Well you’ve broken my heart, sweet Harry
by saying you will not run again.
To speak sentiments very clearly
to this paper I have put my pen.

You’ve lied and connived your whole ‘career’
while creating this ‘progressive’ trend,
a dream coming true, living to see
your tyrannical reign finally end.

You have led the charge ever bravely
to knock all the ‘right’ out of the way.
By hook and by crook you determined
you would cripple our nation some day.

Now you are done, so you’re going home
reap richly of that, which you have sown.
May every stray dog in Nevada
cock its leg on ‘old Harry’s’ headstone.

bye-bye Harry, 40 years too much!
c.d.m. 3/27/15

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The Promise

summer 004

I heard geese flying over
in the sky today.
It was like Mother nature
was trying to say,
“Cheer up little girl on
this blustery day,
I promise you that spring time
is well on its way!”

cdm 1/26/15

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Oft Speak To me of Love [for Valentines Day]


Poet’s oft speak of love in such flowery terms
I don’t get what they’re trying to say.
It almost makes me shy away from divulging
how my lover shows love in his way.

Now I’m the word craftsman between he and I
yet he writes poetry silently.
I’ll share a few lines of his work if you like
then you’ll see how he sweet talks me.

Like the day I was trying to mow on a hill
then he hollered out, “Hey I’ll get that”.
If I did not know how he writes poetry
we may have gotten into a spat.

Whenever the labor is heavy or hard
He bears the load for me.
Some girls would call that chauvinistic
but I call that, poetry.

When he says,”Lets go for a ride Babe.”
Then climbs up on the tractor seat.
To go look at the hay or a brand new calf
I call that poetry, sweet.

Thirty-five years of devotion and love
faithfully penned every day.
Now that is some kind of poetry
That mere words could never convey.


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The Shepherd of the Spotted Lamb


Cold and shivering, he came forth,
into this world, that night,
His  breath of life, shone clearly,
in the moon’s, cascading light,
His Mother, gently loving him,
Her darling, baby boy,
His spots, did not disquiet her,
nor steal, that Mother’s joy,

The Shepherd, checked in on them,
just before, the break of dawn,
The spotted lamb, was nursing,
shaking legs he stood upon,
The shepherd knew, the value,
of his herd, had just went down,
For spotted lambs, went cheaply,
at the market sale, in town,

Cold and shivering, He came forth,
into this world, that night,
His  Breath of Life, shone clearly,
in the moon’s, cascading light,
His Mother, gently loving Him,
Her darling, Baby Boy,
There He laid,The Spotless Lamb ,
Source of, Eternal Joy,

The shepherds came, to worship,
called by Angel’s, from above,
There, in a lowly manger,
they beheld, the Father’s Love,
The value of the spotted lambs,
was costly, now they knew,
The Spotless, came as ransom,
for the spotted, me and you…

c.d.m.  9-29-10

The idea for this poem came from a second-hand picture.  I purchased it at the Salvation Army,a few years ago,and it quickly became my favorite. I saw in it what I wrote in the poem. The great Shepherds heart for all of us.

I had watched a T.V. show about sheep rearing and had learned about how spotted lambs are of little value. Due to the wool needing so much effort to separate the light from the dark. The story-teller stated that many sheep growers,’cull’ the herd of spotted lambs. It struck me how much we are like those ‘spotted lambs’, and how thankful I am for our Great Shepherd. Then I came across my picture and so…

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It Would Be

If I could reach one drowning soul,
point them to You, their cares to roll.
It would be; worth it all.

Calm just one crying little child.
Depict Your heart tender and mild.
It would be; worth it all,

If I could catch one falling tear.
Call just one wandering soul, draw near.
It would be; worth it all.

One troubled mind their burden share.
Prove to one lonely soul; You care.
It would be; worth it all.

If I could lay my own life down,
that other’s may in You be found.
It would be; worth it all.

It would my King; be worth it all,
a tiny sacrifice so small.
My life to give for Heaven’s gain,
my heart’s obedience; to Your reign.
It would be; worth it all my King.
It would be; worth it all.

c.d.m. 3-12-11

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The Lion and the Lamb

faded glory

I dreamed last night of a whimsical land
where the lion laid down with the lamb.
The people joined together hand in hand
and the lion laid down with the lamb.

My heart cried out,” Oh why can it not be,
more than a lovely dream in the night?”
Where the left joins right in the warm sunlight;
and the lion lies down with the lamb.

We’ve taken sides in this circle of life
as the war continues round and round.
Driven on by a common enemy
so the lion rages at the lamb.

I dreamed last night of a whimsical land
where the lion laid down with the lamb.
The people joined together hand in hand
and the lion laid down with the lamb.

   c.d.m.  11/7/12

        The political atmosphere of the present times, is quite disconcerting. Among friends and at times even family there is a division, a taking of sides. A simple statement can escalate into heated arguments. I am certainly not pointing fingers, as I am at times the more adamant in a ‘ discussion.’

How did we come to this cross roads of vision. When did the gulf grow so wide so as to possibly divide a nation. The same nation we have lauded as ‘ One nation under God; indivisible.’ Perhaps that line from the song holds the answer. Under God.
The dividing  line surely began, as a train of thought or belief began to seek acceptance, or rather demand validation. I never recall a time when any one was forced to gather with the believing, or demanded to believe. What I can remember was when one chose not to believe, they were left to themselves, and their ‘ beliefs. ‘  Perhaps remembered in the thoughts and prayers of the believers, but otherwise left alone.  I have never lived in a nation where it was demanded one believe and or participate in services. I would not want to live in such a land. Christians know, it is a matter of choice, and that God must draw a man to Himself, or no man will come.
You can not legislate righteousness or faith. At the same time you can not force unrighteousness on a believer, and be just in the eyes of God, or the law. For a Christian to stand up and declare abortion to be the slaughter of an infant, is part of their very being. To turn their eyes, heart and voice away from such an atrocity, is to turn their heart from God.
Even as Christians were at the vanguard of the abolitionist movement, and were at times slain, for what was considered
to be an interference in a way of life. So this black stain on our nation has brought about a similar atmosphere. Over 50 million infants slain in atrocious manners, is a bile in the mouths and hearts of Christian souls. Yet time and history have found the abolitionists to have been on the right side, of what ended in the civil war. I pray to God the same remedy is not found necessary for this division of hearts.

There in has come the quandary of the times. How does one stand in faith, and declare this sin for what it is, refusing to be a part of it, unable and unwilling to even hold their tongue, but to do so in the grace of and as a reflection of God.

How does the Christian stand and declare, ” those in leadership, are leading us astray and away, from the original blueprint of our great nation.”  Without entering into the projected vileness of those we are confronting.

If you want to make someone angry confront them with a differing mindset, in regards to that which they have adopted and grown comfortable with. No matter how meekly you may begin, when they see they can not change your stance, they will resist you and most times attack you. There stands the test, I sometimes find myself lacking in.

For in my heart I long for the days, when the gulf was not this wide. When people could agree to disagree, and the subject was not as detrimental to life and liberty. To the unity of a people, a nation. indivisible. This poem arose from this major perplexity in my heart and maybe yours.

                               In Christ alone is the answer, Cheryl.

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A Cry for Help


Akira bowed, to get beneath
shelter the cliffs could provide.
Amidst strangers and family
all seeking a place to hide.

Her little one clinging to her
cried loudly for food to eat.
She staggered in sheer exhaustion
from fear and sweltering heat.

A cacophony of voices,
echo questions and debate
wondering, now where do we go
oh God, what will be our fate?

To be driven out like stray dogs
because of faith and belief,
they ponder over the future
and if it will bring relief.

Some have died while on this sojourn
covered by dust starved for rain.
No time to mourn their passing,
too burdened with angst and pain.

Hiding there they hold their breath and
wait in anticipation,
that help will come from somewhere else
for Christians in their nation.

Then far off in the distance they
can hear the comforting sound
of someone raising a standard;
and mortars pounding the ground.

Time to defend the innocent
and defy the cowards hand.
A call to the Christian nations
to gather and take a stand.

Cheryl Davis Miller 8/8/14

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The Moon’s Woe


Moon has danced within Earth’s orbit,
gliding by her through the night.
Watching her throughout the ages,
then beholds a woeful sight.

When up is down, and down is up;
in is out; and out is in,
good is bad; right always is wrong,
Earth falls in a mad tail-spin.

Close the door, turn down the madness,
for she can’t take anymore!
Someone stop the Earth from trembling
please show mercy, I implore.

Fear she’ll tilt right off her axis
if she is not lent a hand.
All this madness has her reeling.
Sigh; she does not understand.

Men’s inhumanity to men
acted out in wars and strife.
Innocents caught up in madness,
never have a chance at life.

Raging Red; for blood is seeping,
someone, please stem the wounds flow.
Lest all’s lost with no survivors.
Moon reflects, a wistful woe.

Cheryl Davis Miller  7/23/14

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If I could roll this fury up
into a tight-knit ball;
I’d drop it in a deep dark pit
of bitterness and gall.

Those rancid acids would destroy
it to the very core;
so I could face tomorrow with
out anger anymore.

Then I’d unfurl the tentacles
that’s held joy captive;
so once again in peace and love
my battered soul could live.

Cheryl Davis Miller 7/9/14

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Defeating Hopelessness


When in the grip of hopelessness
one’s soul is anchored down.
A whisper takes such effort that
solace is seldom found.

No havens seen, no shore seems near
on the horizon bare,
as hopelessness keeps saying that,
“there’s no help anywhere.”

Sojourner, please do not believe,
the lies of hopelessness.
The Walker on the Water has
made you some promises.

Like,” I am with you to the end,
I’ll hold you in My hands,
all heaven, earth and down below
bow knee to My commands.”

You see, hope has sprung eternal
defeating hopelessness.
Turn your eyes upon your Savior,
be kept in blessedness.

Cheryl Davis Miller 7/9/14

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The Sun Dance


The sun was dancing in the sky
as fluffy soft white clouds rolled by.
The boughs of trees sway on the wind
they’d sway, caress and sway again.

Such beauty caught my breath away
on that glorious sunlit day,
the sights and sounds all carried me
into a state of ecstasy.

I rejoiced in my Maker’s hand.
He made it all, you understand.
When I reached up to touch His face,
He touched me back, there in that place.

Cheryl Davis Miller  7/9/14

photo by Terri Jeans Photography, Nelsonville Oh.

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The Stone Wall of Sin

The Great Wall of China
the old Wall of Berlin
are no stronger fortress,
than the Stone Wall of Sin.

The first two are small
in comparison to,
that Stone Wall of sin
that now surrounds you.

I grieve at the sight
of that barricade of stone
created to keep you
in darkness and alone,

But I know of a Rock
that’s been carved without hand
that can knock that wall down.
On that Promise I’ll stand.

See, I love you too much
and I know Jesus does too
to allow that Stone Wall
to go on standing around you…

Cheryl Davis Miller  10/10/2010

Yeshua fought the battle of Jericho,
and the walls came tumbling down…

[verse from an old song ]

For my ex- son-in-laws

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The Poison


There is a poison, and it’s effect
is the strongest of all kind.
For it destroys from the inside out
while stealing all peace of mind.

Ingested is such small doses it’s
results are not on display.
When you have consumed enough of it
your soul will become depraved.

It’s not marked with a ‘skull and cross bones’
so we seldom are aware,
that poison is coursing through our veins
eternal lives to impair.

You ask me.” What is this poison, please
inform me, what is its name?”
Un-forgiveness, greed, strife and envy,
followed close by spite and blame.

Cheryl Davis Miller 6/16/14

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Someone To Talk To


Feeling lonely here in my cell,
and there’s no one I can talk to.
Rattle the bars and pace the floor,
still there’s no one to tell it to.

I call to mind my past mistakes
those things now; I would never do.
Regret’s my only company
and there’s no one to tell it to.

My solitude goes on for years
before my eyes lift; towards You.
Lo and behold a confidant
at last Someone I can; talk to.

You always listen, always hear
then instruct me, on what to do.
You are forever by my side,
now I can always talk to You.

Cheryl Davis Miller 6/11/14

Prison cells come in many forms.  Not all are made of iron, not all are even visible.  But all are very real. All form a barrier, creating an unbearable state of solitude. Bars and walls do not hinder the Lord, from reaching us. For those of us that receive Him, they do not hinder us either.

Psalms 18:29 By your help I have made a way through the wall which was shutting me in; by the help of my God I have gone over a wall.
– Basic English Bible

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A Trilogy on Age

my pics 014


Who’ll shed a tear, when they are gone?
Their lives who shall recall?
Who’ll lay a wreath at their tombstone?
Will any visit at all?

Lives they gladly lived for others,
for children and family,
for church friends, neighbors and strangers,
they gave their lives lovingly.

Now they have grown old and feeble,
all strength and wealth now is gone.
No knocks at the door, nor phone calls.
Who’ll weep when they have gone on?


What’s the cause of her pessimistic view,
and oft spoken remark,” Oh well.”
She flows from a child-like joyful state
right into a mean doubtful spell.

I can tell that it is a learned practice,
not part of her nature at all.
What made her lose hope in the future?
and made her heart bitter as gall?

Heartache and loss are the culprits of what,
drove her to this gloomy outlook.
The twinkle in her eyes has told me so,
I can read her, just like a book.

I pray a change comes and turns things around,
dispelling her woe-full despair.
That the Lord, touches her family soon,
and remembers Dorothy’s prayer.


Alone with his thoughts, going round and round.
He sits quietly seldom making a sound.
I ponder where his thoughts would take him to,
he’s seen a lot; being he’s ninety-two.

He’s spoke of clearing a virgin wood stand.
He and his father cut them all by hand.
There ‘ neath the shadow of huge hemlock trees;
the boy laid the ground for the man’s stories.

His eyes would shine brightly as he’d recall;
how they cut them down with a two-man saw.
Then just as quickly his eyes turn dark;
he grows quiet and his mood becomes stark.

You know then to hush; and just let him be.
He’s turned from the past to eternity.
His greatest adventure’s out there somewhere.
Unseen as yet; it’s one he cannot share.

          Cheryl Davis Miller 5/28/14

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Leave the Light On

English cottage garden

“Please leave the Light on Mommie,”
her small voice made request.
“Light makes darkness go away
that’s when I sleep the best.”

 Mommie left the door a-jar
for Light to make it’s way
into Jennie’s bedroom so
the dark would go away.

Some friends warned “you spoil her,
you’ll let her grow up weak.”
Mommie did what she thought best
her Jennie was unique.

Jennie’s bold as bold can be
that is, in light of day.
Conqures any obstacles
that dare get in her way.

 Walked through life with bravery
most ‘sighted’ children lack.
To overcome, fear of night
she’d yet to gain the knack.

Peeked in on her babe asleep
with Light upon her face.
Wrapped in comfort of the Light
cocooned with-in His grace.

Somehow Jennie sensed the Light,
and so could be at rest.
Mommie left the door a-jar
and did what she thought best.

                                  c.d.m. 8-30-10

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Missing Mom

dec.13 129

I’ve thought of Mom a lot today
as Mother’s Day draws near.
Remembering the little things
I’ve missed of her this year.

Like how she loved vegetable soup
or soup of any kind.
A yard sale and the Dollar Store;
where treasures she would find.

Slippers made of gold lame and
dusters in every hue.
A simple gift from one of us
no matter what; would do.

I miss sharing life’s ups and downs
in her I could confide.
No matter right; no matter wrong
she’d still be on my side.

I miss her smile; I miss her wit;
her humor, and her love.
I miss her but I know some day
I’ll meet her up above.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

c.d.m. 5/7/14

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Little Jay Carney and Friends


A limerick for little Jay Carney.
Whose filled with political blarney.
His boss tells him jump!
Jay being a chump;
lies more than a Carnival ‘carny.’

Try telling the truth for once Jay, you may find your mouth will stop twisting. :)

Al Gore swears’ the earth is heating,’
cause us ranchers have cows eating.
Say’s they then pass gas,
and will soon surpass,
the fumes his jet’s excreting.

Have you heard about Hillary?
She thinks she and horny Billy
deserve one more chance
to at the ball dance.
That our doubts are all just silly.

Tis the tale of Eric Holder.
If he could somehow be bolder.
He’d perhaps grow a chin
fill the office he’s in;
release the I.R.S. folder.

Did you see Nancy Pelosi
behind Obama so cosy
when she rose to her feet
sitting down missed her seat
she had all four cheeks, then rosy.

 Cheryl Davis Miller 5/1/14

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My Response to Time Magazine


‘ Time ‘ declares,” The Tea Partie’s done.”
and ” We have them on the run.”
We’ll let them believe what they will;
those liberals on the hill.

For out here; in the middle land
we prepare to take a stand.
While they ‘think’ the Tea Partie’s done,
we say, “We have just begun!”

We declare,”Enough is enough,
of all that pen and phone stuff!”
We believe that we have a say,
’bout all those taxes we pay.

‘We the People’; want to be heard,
no more of our laws altered.
So you think the Tea Partie’s done?
That’s what they thought in Boston*.

             c.d.m. 4/24/14

*Home of the original ‘ Tea Party.’

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A leader

Oh remember, America’s greatness
‘fore these sad, and appalling times.
Those who recall, the pride of the nation
‘fore elected, masters of crimes.

There’s no time, to give into tyranny,
none for weeping for the past times.
Let us stir the blood, that flows in our veins,
by the sound; of Liberty’s chimes.

 Look who we came from; a vast legacy
none cowards, to Kings they’d not bow.
They look upon us, their sons and daughters,
to speak,” These crimes we; disallow.”

Enough blaming, and pointing to other’s
enough lies, claimed innocence.
Saying they serve us, they serve but themselves,
no penance, from a seared conscience.

Time for the common man’s voice, to be heard,
bring peace to chaos; of today.
To lead from our midst, as in day’s of yore,
plain speech, common sense led the way.

Yes remember America’s glory,
she led out of her servant’s heart.
For she still deserves all; our allegiance,
and watch o’er, the battles rampart.


[last verse of the Star-spangled Banner]

O! thus be it ever when free men shall stand
between their loved homes and the foe’s desolation;
Bless’d with victory and peace, may our heaven rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation
Then conquer we must, for our cause is just
And this be our motto ” In God is our trust!”

And the Star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Peeping Tom


  Peeping Tom

I looked out my window to see
someone was staring back at me
Grabbed my robe while closing the blind
still no privacy could I find.

There on the phone and my p.c.
peeping Tom’s opportunity,
to know my business, day-to-day
each thought I have; and word I say.

Tom try’s to say it’s for my good,
for my defence, it’s understood.
He say’s stop acting paranoid,
for my own good Tom’s been employed.

Beg to differ, if I still may
don’t want my business on display.
Send a drone to my property,
to shoot it down seems fair to me.

Tarred and feathered, was at one time;
punishment for Peeping Tom’s crime.
Let’s revive it, what do you say?
Let’s stop that peeping N.S.A.

        c.d.m. 3/8/14

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To Vote

A leader

Please listen young people if
you think you are smart.
To one you may consider
to be a ‘old fart.’

Experience and time made
these wrinkles you see.
Wisdom can not be purchased
and doesn’t come free.

Some lessons only time can
reveal unto man.
You’ve but one life to live so
you must understand.

See all things can’t be replaced
when once they are lost.
The freedom we are graced with
came at a great cost.

Once it has been squandered on
vain philosophy,
it will never more come back
for you and for me.

So as you go to polls; think
‘fore you cast a vote;
” What does this person stand for?”
Keep Freedom Afloat.

          c.d.m. 3/3/14

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The Canvas


I looked upon the canvas blank
my heart leapt ‘neath my breast.
I lift my palette of mixed hues
my brush tip I caressed.

I pondered ore the empty span
mapped plans out in my heart.
I drew the brush across the plain
my vision fell apart.

How does one reach from mind to hand;
to express hearts desire.
How do you meld the two as one
‘fore vision does expire.

For failure is a bitter pill
when dreams do fall apart.
As eyes grow dim and hands grow weak
from emptiness of heart.

What’s left when dreams have fled the soul
and emptiness remains?
Except to bid this life farewell
and slip this sad life’s chains.
c.d.m.  2/11/14

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We did not see until; too late.
We would not heed the call.
We thought ourselves Americans.
With one heart one and all.

So with sad heart we must report,
it now is plain to see;
our gracious land is over run,
by a rank enemy.

This enemy does not comply,
at all with common heart,
of those who fight for freedom’s voice
as they have from the start.

No this foe will divide us and
sow upstarts in our place,
so as to tear down Liberty
and mock her to her face.

Then to declare themselves the friend
of the down trodden man.
The only source of answers to
the woe’s of common man.

If we had seen, if we had heard,
before it was too late,
perhaps we could have saved the day
and changed our nations fate.

       c.d.m. 2/18/2014

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Seeking Real Leaders

469079231_2ca4cd1228As a child I heard a great men speak;
of serving others, rather than ourselves.
My young heart was moved with aspirations;
his murder put my dreams upon a shelf.

Another stood tall on the podium,
he taught love and the brotherhood of man.
I longed to go join in the marches,
then they shot the man who wrote from Birmingham.

Another sought to rise up and lead us,
and he shared the ideals of his brother.
From the darkness, a lone sniper shot him.
So most lost hope there could be another.

 Look upon the shameless way of many.
Deception seems their only stratagem.
Children seeking leaders, don’t find any.
Where are the giants to inspire them?

I weep for the future generations.
Those who search for a reason to believe.
Where’s the honored ones to lead this nation?
From this current shameful state bring reprieve.

Listen all who aim to serve in office.
Check hearts as only you and God can do.
America needs those willing to serve her.
The children of the land are watching you.

          c.d.m. 1/27/14

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Speaking the Truth in Love 2 [from the place of love]


I recently posted a piece on this subject.  From comments made on and off site, I felt the need to further elaborate. I have often said when speaking on the subject,” One can speak truth, apart from love.”   As when we give ‘our’ thoughts on some ones appearance, ” That dress doesn’t look good on you.” It may be the truth in your opinion, but is it said to help or to hurt?  We can voice our thoughts or beliefs, just to prove a point, separate from love, or any of loves characteristics. To have our say, so to speak.

However to truly speak out of love we will speak the truth, even at our own dis-comfort. For a minister of the gospel to ‘soft-soak’ truth, is not speaking from a heart of love.  When we attempt to change what the bible teaches concerning fornication, [an old-fashioned word, {and sometimes excepted attitude towards} sex outside of marriage] to make allowance for the times we live in, we are not speaking from a heart of love.

If the bible taught 2000 yrs. ago that fornication, adultery, homosexuality, theft, and so on is sin, then quite simply the words are still relevant today. God does not ‘change ‘ with the times. Men may, but not the Holy One.

I hear a lot of ministers, that at one time spoke as oracles of God, changing their beliefs and teachings on such matters. I will say it here they are not speaking truth, and they certainly aren’t speaking from a heart of love.

If you saw someone about to stumble off a cliff, into an abyss, you would shout out a warning.” Stop, if you continue you will be destroyed.”   Your racing heart of love would risk all to warn them. You would not encourage them on, for fear of upsetting them.

I believe the true fear, that motivates such members of the clergy on, is fear it may cut into the offerings. ” People won’t come if we take a stand on sin.”   What are they coming to, if we don’t speak the truth? Jesus words still echo in these times,” You shall know the truth; and the truth shall make you free.” St. John 8:32

Yes, yes we are saved by the glorious grace of our Savior. Saved unto good works, not by them. Be not deceived, the bible teaches us this, that same word teaches we are delivered from the powers of darkness, i.e. sin. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. [ or in his deeds] St. John 8:36  As the Apostle Paul taught, ‘let us not use our liberty, as a cloak for sin.’

Romans 10:14 – How then shall they call on him in whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? Many are teaching otherwise these days. Let us speak the truth, out of love.     That we all may go forward.

St. John 14:16

Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


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Divided Love


Mary had her spent life lavishly;
she had lived it so hard and fast.
She met a man in the marketplace
Who told her all about her past.

She stared into His eyes in dismay;
as He spoke,” Mary start anew.”
Ran to tell her friends and family,
“It’s exactly what I shall do.”

Mary had a sister Lila who
had lived her life differently.
Mary spent her live in deviltry
Lila a temple devotee.

 Mary knew He was the Messiah
Lila said she’d never believe.
Sisters once woven as one clothe
torn apart; began to un-weave.

Lila held to words men had spoken;
Mary those that Messiah spoke.
One continued on in liberty,
the other bowed beneath mans yoke.

Thus is the tale of two sisters who;
are today divided by love.
One follows the words of earthly men;
one follows, The One from above.

10/12/13  c.d.m.

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The Empty Place


A silence fell across the room,
so burdensome all could feel it’s weight.
The children’s hearts all skipped a beat,
while staring down at dinner plates.


Someone cried out,” Tell us Abba,
what is this sorrow, till now unknown?”
His eyes smiled as he looked about,
then spoke in a melancholy tone.


“Do you not see the empty place
where once your sister sat at table?
To bear this pain without a show,
calls for much more than I AM able.”


For where faith lives there is yet hope,
the void of both is unbearable.
The path she’s now descending on
is but lifeless, dark and terrible.


To trade all of eternity
for a fleeting life so temporal,
or leave The Living Sacrifice,
for not but empty ritual.


Brings in death, where Life once dwelt
when trading faith, for works and sweat.
Deception enters stealthily,
beware, for it’s fruit is sad regret.

          c.d.m.   4/23/2013

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The House Wren

dec.13 014

Maude Claris Belle
[the wren]

Life tells of many sad stories,
lived out; and then told and retold.
Listen and pay close attention
their wisdom bears more weight than gold.

Such is the case in this story
of a girl called Maude Claris Belle.
Someone I’ve loved very deeply
with sadness her story I’ll tell.

She was born to a large family
fourth child; amidst all the rest.
Bolder ones; vied for attention,
Maude Claris would settle for less.

Created her own world to live in,
books and creatures; her dearest friends>
Her siblings danced in the spotlight,
as Maude recoiled deeper within.

In the clamor of life none noted,
how silent Maude Claris had grown.
She never cried out for attention,
so her anguish was sadly; unknown.

The others moved on and flew the nest,
Maude Claris let life pass her by.
A scoundrel came home with her brother,
and caught Maude Claris’ eye.

Though  she was twenty she was naive
an innocent to the way’s of bad men.
The galoot had a way with the women,
and set out to reel Maude Claris in.

He needed a slave, to tend to his home,
his children and other base needs.
So he scooped her up and married her quick,
before she could learn of his deeds.

The  little ‘house wren’ opened her heart
the oaf completely filled that place.
For a time she put all into that union,
till she vanished; leaving no trace.

Don’t get me wrong she’s still alive.
Well; her shadow still can be found.
But since the divorce the old Maude Claris,
has never more come around.

Now she’s an aggressive unloving soul,
her heart echo’s, “never again.”
Now she favors, a harsh’ bird of prey’,
instead of a little house wren.

Her children  grew up in her shadow
believing it’s how it must be.
This story, of Maude Claris Belle’s life
is a very sad story to me.


Hebrew’s 12:15; Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;

This poem is based on a true story, an ongoing story. How ever there is still life, so there is still hope.
Bitterness, stands out in sweet surroundings, it’s a shock to the taste-buds, a slap to the heart. As the scripture says, it springs up, denoting suddenly. When something bitter pops up [so to speak] from our lips or even just in our thoughts, we need to take note and begin to dig and ‘uproot’, that root, before it spreads.
The word tells us, ‘For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’
See a root of bitterness has vining  tendency’s and will cling to what ever is near, thereby defiling others. Vines don’t consider the host, they are clinging to and climbing over. They just want to survive.
Bitter vines want to thrive and multiply. Please pray for Maude [fake name], and pray one for another, that we not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.     Cheryl

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Annies Pick


Anna set her dollies in the chairs
to serve them tea at table.
There was Peggy, Claire and little Rose,
and her newest dolly Mabel
Smiling at them each as she poured tea
from her blue and white tea set.
While in her heart she tries to decide
which doll is her favorite.
She laid four dresses out on the bed
to decide which one to wear.
Imagining how each one would look
and how she would wear her hair.
Glanced up at the clock saw it was now
time to finish her toilette.
Frustrated now as she tries to choose
which dress is her favorite.
Anna lies in bed, tired and old
shift change brings a new girl in
checking her vitals and the flow sheet
for a new day to begin.
They chat all through breakfast, meds and bath
but the point of this vignette.
Her difficult choice these days lies in
which girl is her favorite.

A sad fact of live that I have observed.

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farm life [3 Poems concerning it]


 A Hoe is a Hoe,

A hoe is a hoe, that’s what most people say,
But ‘my’ hoe got broken, just the other day,
My grand-daughter borrowed it,[she didn’t ask me],
Now the handle is broken, causing me perplexity,

She bought a brand new handle, but it won’t be the same,
A handle’s not a handle, that’s what I will proclaim,
That hoe once belonged, to my mother-in-law,
She cleaned it up and oiled it, every fall,

Then one day she passed it, along to me,
I think the handle had been carved, from a Hickory tree,
It was smooth as velvet, from all the years of use,
Shaped slender for a Lady’s hand, not made for such abuse,

I’m trying to be kind, and behave graciously,
Cause my darling grand-daughter, means quite a lot to me,
I’ll have to break it in, try to form it to my hand,
But a hoe’s not just a hoe, now I hope you can understand…

                                                     4-29-10 c.d.m.

    The Simple Country Farmer,

Down the road, a piece,
there lived, a man and his wife,
Farming, was his profession,
and he’d done so, all his life.

He was the son, of a farmer,
who was the son, of one too.
He’d had choices in life,
but farming’s, what he chose, to do.

He bought the land, that joined his fathers,
and wed, his sweetheart.
They spent, their lives together,
and were seldom apart.

Every year I watched them tend,
the same piece of land.
They would raise a lovely garden
without a helping hand.

They would plant it, and tend it,
and gather it all in,
They  raised more than enough,
and gave the excess to friends.

He in his straw hat
with mud boots up to his knees.
Her in a cotton dress,
that gently waved in the breeze.

They would faithfully tend to their garden
side by side.
The simple country farmer,
and his sweet little bride.

I’d watch them and marvel
at their gardening abilities.
And I wondered why my garden,
didn’t do the same for me.

Well I had clumps as big as melons,
I would still try to hoe.
I’d water, weed, and feed it,
but my garden didn’t grow.

After one or two years I thought,
I may as well give up.
That’s when the simple country farmer,
taught this simple country ‘pup.’

He said, “A lot of it Sis,
is in the soils preparation.
Then another large part,
is in your hearts determination.

You put your heart into the soil
and it will give it’s heart to you.
It takes time ,for hearts to grow
more than just a year or two.

I listened and I tried it,
and much to my delight,
my garden responded,
and it’s such a lovely sight.

It takes love, to tend a garden
or the soil of a heart.
And a heart that is determined,
is the first place to start.

                                                                 c.d.m. 6-11
Summer  Gardening

It was a have-to case for so many years,
just to feed the family.
That I hung up my gloves for a long time
and rested my poor knees.

But it gets in your blood and you miss it,
when you’ve given it up for a  while.
The first smell of the earth as we turned it
caused my lips to smile.

Then there was fertilizing,
and marking out of the rows.
And planning what go’s where is important
just as every gardener knows.

The corn must go in two by two
cucumbers need room to vine
Marigolds keep the bugs away,
at least they do, in mine.

Potatoes must have lot’s of room,
so they can then be hilled.
The hoe must tend to every row
for the larder to be filled.

Tomatoes must be tied up
so the sun can touch the fruit.
Beans like a little lime applied,
but they still will make you ‘toot.’

The strangest tale I’ve yet to hear
an old woman recounted to me.
Concerning sweet green peppers,
and how to plant them properly.

She looked up at me with a toothless grin
said, ” For peppers to bear fruit miss,
you must plant them real close together,
’cause see  ‘sweet’ peppers just love to kiss.”

                                              c.d.m.  5-31-10

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The Secret…


He guards his secret closely
he wants no one to know.
He doesn’t need to worry
it really doesn’t show.

Someone should maybe tell him
for it may ease his mind.
There’s no longer evidence
for anyone to find.

You ask, ” What is his secret?”
Go on and try to guess.
I know you’ll never get it
tho you may try your best.

No, he is not a drinker
no, he don’t chase around.
He is not into porno
works ev’ry day I’ve found.

Don’t hit his wife or children
don’t smoke and doesn’t swear.
You say,” What else could it be?”
All right, all right I’ll share.

He gave his heart to Jesus.
A long, long time ago.
Soon thereafter took it back
and now he doesn’t know.

There’s nothing left to hide ’cause
he left it in the past.
One trip down to the altar,
it wears off super fast.

I pray for him and others
whose paths have been recast.
They’ll give their hearts to Jesus
and this time it would last.


Is there any need to say any thing else, other than I really do know a couple of people like this. This is not meant to judge or be harsh, but to speak to an issue and request prayer for these ones.{ you may know someone like this too}


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The Farmer’s Blue’s [ what-cha gonna eat? ]

The Bankers told the  Farmers,
not so very long ago.
“Borrow big don’t worry boys,
the markets gonna grow.”

“Buy ground and get machinery,
all shiny and brand new.
Heed us and your Ag-man
cause we’re here Bud; just for you.”

Some farmers bought their jargon
hook, line and sinker too.
That is why some families,
have got’The Farmers Blues.’

Willie; started ‘Farm Aide’,
that didn’t get too far.
I guess you can’t trust bankers;
OR country music stars.

But if any one is listening
you better lend an ear.
Cause if the farmer doesn’t make it
we’ve got a lot to fear.

Their selling off the farm ground
at an; astounding rate.
So city folks can spread out
on 5 acre estates.

Then after they get out here
first thing they want to do,
is try to ‘city-fy’ the country;
and complain about the ‘poo.’

Now I have to tell you something;
hope it, don’t come to pass.
You can not eat a side-walk
or a pretty lawn of grass.

So some one out there listen
and join me in a prayer;
for God, and state to help the Farmers;
’cause their fate we all shall share.

c.d.m.   8-13-10

No use without permission.

dec.13 134

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Touched by Madness


In the winding wood’s of Caroline
there on pathway’s up and down.
Nestled ‘neath the pines and green fronds
he said our bodies, would be found.

One hand held to a pint of moonshine
the other bore a twenty-two.
Hours of marching on as he taunted
his threats had always, proven true.

He needed no excuse for madness
his madness came and went with time.
A word, a look or passing fancy
seemed no reason, nor any rhyme.

Mother hid me behind her body
trying to stay between he and I.
Spoke ” Kill me if you must kill someone
she’s just thirteen, too young to die.”

I walked pretending I was elsewhere
whispering a prayer silently.
Knowing if he did kill Mother
he’d turn the gun, and then kill me.

Then just as quickly as it started
he’d proven his point; he was done.
Said,” Let’s get home and fix some supper”
went to the truck, and hid the gun.

You wonder why I’m sometimes weary
or seem to write from some dark place.
Snips of madness haunt my memories
the touch of madness; leaves its trace.

                              c.d.m. 5-25-11

a sad memory

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The Gathering,

I watched as the mother cow’s gathered,
to await as another gave birth.
As for ages human Mothers have gathered,
to assist all over this earth.

The cow’s let her know they are with her
they lick her; as her baby approaches.
I watch as they stand through the twilight
and bed down, as the darkness encroaches.

It touched my heart this faithfulness;
demonstrated by the ‘ladies bovine.’
It touches me more the knowing
it is part of our ‘Creators, design.’

The wonder’s of all His creation;
is made evident to us all everywhere.
This occurred to me as I watched the cow’s gather
so this telling I wanted to share.


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Speaking the Truth in [or due to] Love


Ephesians 4:11-15

11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:


A number one prerequisite for being grounded in the ‘Truth’, is being planted in a body of believers. One where the gifts, of ministry are placed by God and received.

Of all the people [ myself included for a season] I have known, who refused to be ‘planted’ in a body, the reason behind it was a spirit of offence. Which then grew into rebellion, and deposited them eventually into deception.

Psalms 68:6
God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

The word solitary, means precious and irreplaceable, individual child

With care and forethought He places them where they need to be. In that place of [dare I say the word] sub-mission, chains are broken off. The result of refusal, the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

Those are the words of the bible, both new and old testament. Jesus warned His followers of two things, the leaven of the Pharisees, and deception.

When they asked in Matthew 24, ‘What shall be the signs, of all these things coming to pass?’  He answered, and while He mentioned wars, pestilences, and earthquakes one time with-in His discourse, He refers to deception at least 4 times.

If you ask the average Christian ‘what are the signs?’ you will see we have missed the most frequently spoken of and so I believe the most important ‘sign’.

Mean while IF a preacher or teacher of the word, actually calls a spade a spade, a heresy a heresy, or stands up for the Truth, they are reviled. Called un-loving, and looked upon as a bible thumper, ‘out of it’.

A few years ago, Larry King asked two well-known ministers, a point-blank question, “Do you believe that Jesus, is the only way to salvation?”  He being Jewish was looking for a fight or someone to say,” oh Larry you are Jewish, of course you will be saved.”

Sadly, the young man declared to be ‘pastor of the fastest growing church in America’, smiled and said, ” I wouldn’t say that.”

I was crushed, I thought you just missed an opportunity  to share what Jesus said, “I  AM THE DOOR.” No excuses, or avoidance of the Truth, He spoke the Truth, with all of His heart.

The older gentleman, followed the same course, side-stepped the issue. Then to really drive their pre-planned agenda home, the show played old videos from 40 yrs. ago, where he stated the Truth boldly. As though to say ‘see with age he see’s differently now’. That great man should not have been on that show. I would love to see Larry King or anyone else ask the gentleman’s son, that same question today.  Or even me.
Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Notice it is the gospel Of Christ, and must be received to become a partaker of it.
The name of Jesus. Name is ‘onoma’ in the Greek meaning character and position of authority. Even as the thief on the cross called Him Lord.

Acts 4:12   Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

There is so much deception, being propagated today. So many seem fearful to draw lines. Thank God, Jesus was not and is not fearful to speak the Truth, then and now.

2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Be not afraid to speak the Truth in love, perhaps a soul may be saved.     Eternal Truth changes not.

Jesus is Lord,   Cheryl.



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dec.13 129

If I am right; and you are wrong,
you’ve no one but, yourself to blame.
So please don’t lay it at my feet,
by spreading poison to defame.

You chose the path your walking down,
to stand out always is your aim.
So bear the brunt, of years of choice,
and wear the robe of your own shame.

You led the way, as Mothers do;
down this sad path of mad acclaim.
Eternal lives are now at stake,
you’ve no one but, yourself to blame.

    c.d.m.   Mothers Day 5/12/13

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What Would it Take?


Tell me what would it take
to make a “blackbird” smile?
I’ve pondered this question
off and on for a while.

I pass them on the roadway
walking single file.
They wave at passer’s by
but they do not smile.

I respect their tradition,
of austerity.
Still it seems a happy child
should smile to me.

I wonder if they ever have
a time to just play
out chasing butterflies
on a sun lit day.

In the midst of their frolic
do they laugh with glee?
It seems a happy child
should smile, to me.

So tell me,

What does it take,
to make a “black bird” smile?
You see I’ve pondered this question
for quite a while.

c.d.m.   12/31/09

I often pass children walking along the back roads to school,and concern rises in my heart for them. Please add your prayers with mine for these ones who are so sheltered, and yet must live in a cruel and dangerous world.                     cheryl

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The Cleft {my hiding place}

The Cleft

I have a place, to run to,
A place, where I can hide,
A place of peace, and safety,
Where, comfort is supplied,

I’ve been here, for a while.
My roots, are planted deep.
Because the Rock, surrounds  me.
Escaping winds, harsh sweep.

But I just must be honest,
at times I feel hemmed in.
I wonder where I might be,
had it not been for Him.

Gaze from my mountain’s crevice,
Upon, the plains below.
View the forest’s majesty,
and see how vast they grow.

See storms on the horizon,
so quickly sweeping down,
forest lies with-in it’s path,
no safety to be found.

I watch, in utter horror,
the twisted limbs and bough.
They do not share my crevice,
my Rock they do not know.

My complaints are swept away,
I’m thankful once again.
Planted here, within my Cleft,
I’m sheltered safe in Him.

c.d.m.  8-21-10

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