The Forgotten Stairway,,,{a dream}


A simple question,,what is the purpose of a stairway? A simple answer,,a means to ascend to a higher level..

In 2002,I received a dream,from the Lord,revealing His hearts desire,for the heart condition,of those called to make up His bride…

In the dream,I was flying above a market place,such as you would see in the middle east,or maybe even Jerusalem..The Holy Spirit was my Guide,we set down on the busy street,and began to follow a newlywed couple,from vendor to vendor..

The little stores on this street,were incredible..They were filled with the most beautiful gifts,ones eyes could behold..Gold made up the majority of the items..It seemed each booth contained more glorious gifts then the last..Every where there were jewel encrusted items of all kinds..The greatest jewel collection in the world could not compare to these gift shops..It was breath taking in its beauty..Any of my friends,know I LOVE jewelry,and things of beauty..Yet surprisingly the beauty of the gift shops did not capture my attention,it was the couple walking through the shops,that mesmerised me..He was a tall man,I really could not tell you what He looked like other than that..She was an average sized lady..She clung to His left arm,with her face held upward,looking at Him..It was not” what they looked like” that captured my attention,,but” how they looked”,,at each other…Never in the most passion filled love story have I beheld,the consuming adoration, that flowed between these two lovers..Their eyes never strayed from each other..The chemistry between them pulled you into their shared passion,I couldn’t stop looking at them..Forgive me if I use the same words over and over to describe what I beheld..But I don’t have words in my vocabulary to describe,the love,,devotion,,and passion,,they shared..They were a thing of beauty,,as they meandered through the shops,there was always the same Attendant,ushering them through each one..Since I was on my own now,I realized my Guide ,was now their Attendant..I followed captivated..As they passed through row, after row of items of beauty..Occasionally,just the flicker or gleam,of an object would shine in the corner of this Brides eye.Never did she take her eyes of adoration from her Grooms face..She was totally enraptured in Him..He was in like condition of her,yet able to take note of items,that shined in her devoted eyes..He would then nod to the Attendant,Who would wrap each gift,and carry it to the next shop..It seemed to go on for quite some time..Eventually they finished,came out of the last shop, as caught up in each other as when they began..The Attendant followed beside them,baring arms filled with gifts.. Never once had her eyes left the face of her Beloved..Never once had her Groom,hesitated or missed a step in leading her through,the maze of gift shops..They were oblivious of any one else..When they came out of the place of gifting,they entered into a passionate embrace..The Attendant took a covering,like nothing I’ve ever seen,the material seemed from another world,floated it up into the air and let it cascade down over them for privacy..He looked at me, and then speaking for the first time stated,,”This happens with them all the time”………I awoke…

I believe in the dream,I saw our heavenly Bridegrooms heart and desire for us..There is much taught today of what we can attain thru relationship,all the blessing’s available to the believer..But even spiritual gifts will pass away,when that which is perfect shall come..1Cor.13:10. What shall remain,, Love,,and relationship borne out of that love..In Ephesians 5,a great mystery is spoken of,concerning Christ and His church..In verse 27 it refers to Him “presenting it {the church,Bride} to Himself”..The majority of the chapter is referring to the marriage relationship..Not by accident..Normally the minister presents the couple to those gathered..But here the scripture states in vs.27,”That He might present it to Himself”..In reality He alone can prepare us and “adorn” us..Our part is yielding ,and clinging to His arm,with adoring eyes..Read Revelation19:6-9,,in verse 7b it says for the marriage of the Lamb is come and His” wive” has made herself ready..The only reference ,I know of in the bible ,where she is called “wife”..Could the “readiness” be what separates bride,,from wife?We already have read where He will do the needful work in the bride{church},Himself..Again our part, is developing that heart of adoration, that clings to Him..Allowing Him to work in our midst those things pleasing to Him..        Song of Solomon 1:4 “Draw me,we will run after Thee,the King has brought me into His chambers,we will be glad and rejoice in Thee,we will remember Thy love more than wine..The upright love Thee..  ”       In His chambers is where love begins,,grows,,and consumes our beings..He will draw,,but we must follow..All that is going on in the world is but a distraction..       Allow Him to draw,,pray for a heart of passionate Agape love,as never before..Do not say I have heard it all before,or tried it all..Run to the secret place,,pursue Him..Song of Solomon 2:14″O My dove,that art in the cleft of the rock,in the secret places of the stairs,,let Me see thy countenance,let Me hear thy voice,for sweet is thy voice and thy countenance is comely.”  Are we dwelling in the cleft of the rock,{Psalm 91}, finding shelter in the secret place of the stairs?Again I ask what is the purpose of stairs? To travel from one level to the next..Do you realize your face and voice are beautiful to Him?Or has something kept you away from the stairs,and His face?We must see Him,2 Corinthians 3:18,”But we all,with open face beholding as in a glass,the glory of the Lord,are changed from glory to glory,even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” No wonder the enemy of our souls, tries with all he can,to hinder us from ascending the stairs..Sweep off the stairway,,and start anew your ascent..He calls,and draws,us upward,, but it is our part to respond……

Father in the name of Your precious Son Jesus,we pray,Help us find the secret place of the stairs,created for us,let us ascend and pursue,and never settle on any landing,,thinking we have went as far as is necessary..Let us behold Your face Lord,for it indeed is beautiful,and only then can we be changed,and made into that spotless bride,that You desire us to be..We are sorry Lord for the neglect we have shown at times,to the place of ascent.And pray for diligence in every area of our walks..Thank You Lord, for Your tender mercy and grace,,amen

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Be blessed sis.Cheryl


About Cheryl

I'm from W.Va. living in Ohio.married [38 yrs],with 2 daughters, 3 grandkids,and 6 step grandkids.Live on a small farm, and have been an ordained minister since 1984.My husband and I both work, he in a factory, and I as a private care-giver. Moved around a lot in my younger yrs. have been planted here 39 yrs. Love the Lord, my family, my country and my life. Glad to meet you.
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2 Responses to The Forgotten Stairway,,,{a dream}

  1. Deanna says:

    Very telling dream, I believe it came straight from the heart of the Lord.Thanks for sharing it with us.How we need to again be caught up in the Spirit,and over whelmed by Him.We must have Jesus be our all in all.Not church ,[it’s important]He is the Life,church is for sharing Him,if we lose Him what do we have to share?I want that stair way. Dee

  2. connetta says:

    I used to dream of stairways when i was younger..they kept going up nd up..towards the sky…never ending and winding…i remember waking up tired from my dreams. like i had went up them steps..Looking back i’m sure it must of meant something. because i had the dream over and over again…for many years.

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