Whispers from the Lilly bed,,He Loveth the tender blooms,,,


The blooms,of a plant are so very tender..Changing the amount of light,,or water defer blossoming…Recently the Lady,I work for,as a private “caregiver”,went to a rest home..Hopefully for a short stay,do to a slight fall..At home we had been nurturing a Christmas Cactus..It had never bloomed,do to being miss placed,and perhaps under watered..Prior to the fall,,it was covered with tiny pink,as yet unopened  bloometts{?}..Well her son brought it to the rest home,,so she could enjoy the plant as it blossomed…I wondered even as he proudly walked in with it..Knowing,placement,light,and proper care,are vital at this tender stage..Sure enough,it bloomed,and was lovely..How ever it lost over half of the tender bloometts{?}.   I knew from the past,,this would probably happen..But it was not my call,,and she did enjoy,the few blossoms,that survived..My thoughts of course raced toward the spiritual application..How often,as a Pastor,I have watched as plantings of the Lord,,picked up and “changed” places,,or allowed other thing’s to interfere,,with their receiving of water..{Luke8:14}I have stood back and sadly watched,as they too would loose blossoms,fruit,and growth..Then again,it was not my call,even the Lord,will not interfere,with our free will..He loves the tender blossoms,and longs to tend them,with all the wisdom, as creator and keeper of life,He holds..Our part is remaining in His hands,,allowing Him to govern our existence,,totally..How much Light,,Water,,{of His word and presence}and placement,,or planting..It requires trust,,and patience..on our part..James5:7,”Be patient therefore,brethren,until the coming of the Lord.Behold the husbandman waits,for the precious fruit of the earth,and has long patience for it,until He receives the early and latter rain..”Patience,,is not the drumming of the fingers,,in forced waiting,,we so often consider it to be..[From the Greek,hupomone,,”cheerful or hopeful endurance,constancy,to stay under,remain,endure, persevere and abide”..] Key words “cheerful and hopeful,abiding”..Sounds like trust and expectancy..All stemming from being planted,[rooted]in a loving relationship,with Jesus..Always it returns to relationship,,,,Selah,,,,     

                                    I love, the tender blooms,,

                                    So I wait,, expectantly,,

                                    For each bloom, to open up,,

                                    And lift it’s lovely face,toward Me,,,

                                    I adore, every petal,,

                                    No two blooms,are quite the same,,

                                    My hand tends, and trains the tendril’s,,

                                     And I call each one,by name,,,

                                     I walk amidst, My Lilly bed,,

                                     It’s there, I feed and rest,,

                                     In the whispers, of My Lilly bed,,

                                     My heart of love,is blessed,,,

      The Song of Solomon chapter 2 verse 2 and 16,,               sis.c


About Cheryl

I'm from W.Va. living in Ohio.I have been married 43 yrs, with 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren Live on a small farm, and have been an ordained minister since 1984.My husband and I both work, he in a factory, and I as a private care-giver. Moved around a lot in my younger yrs. have been planted here 42yrs. Love the Lord, my family, my country and my life. Glad to meet you.
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4 Responses to Whispers from the Lilly bed,,He Loveth the tender blooms,,,

  1. David says:

    All too true, sometimes we, in our zeal to do God’s will, race on to the next patch of sunlight, only to find it is fleeting and constantly moving. Most blooms need a balance of night and day to be healthy. It is in the night time that God prepares us for our work in the day.

  2. amy says:

    I love you Cheryl and all that you have allowed the Lord to use you to do. You have been a great inspiration to me . I am ashamed to say that I have fallen away but I feel the tug of my God on my heart waiting for me to submit myself to his plan and purpose and to sacrifice my will for His. I have a great love for my God he has done nothing but good things for me. Thank you for showing me that there is hope even when we choose our own will over His.
    I love you please email me sometime with your address I have a picture and card for you and Mike
    Merry Christmas to you and Your Family I love you all God Bless

  3. Tracie says:

    Hey Amie,,we have to turn,He meets us there,no condemnation,just turning..I will pray too.. a sister

  4. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

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