What to do.[thought it could be shared again]


What to do,,what to do,,what to do…If you listen,,you will hear that question,like a whirlwind in the atmosphere,running through the minds and hearts of passers by..

Say what you will about Christianity,being a crutch,for the weak..Many refer to faith as such..How ever even medical science says those with faith,a hope and trust in something besides what they can see in front of their eyes,fair better in any circumstance,than those who have no such faith..

What is wrong with a crutch,any way? Have you ever had an injury,that required the use of a crutch,or something to lean upon,to move forward?If so you would see the value of a lowly crutch..

I have had my glorious “Crutch” since I was a child..He has been there to support me in in countless injuries,and times of weakness..For that I am so grateful..Never have I known a time when,my” Support” was not there..The only time I have really stumbled or taken a fall,was when I refused to lean upon Him..Thinking maybe I could manage on my own..Or times when I did not care for the path He had chosen,and struck out on my own..I have always found,tho the path may not have “appeared” to be one I would choose,it was after all the correct one..A speedy return, being the only remedy.to the wrong path I would then find myself on..

I love my “Crutch”,and do not want to traverse these times without Him,for even a second..When I look out and see the fog,of confusion,fear,worry,and troubled times we live in,I am filled once more with gratitude for my Crutch..

When I rely upon Him,He carries me up,to a higher place,where just like in this picture ,I can see beyond the fog..Does that mean the fog disappears?No,it means I can see beyond it,and know that fog always passes,,eventually..Meanwhile,I can rejoice in that place of clarity,and be at peace,while waiting for the “fog”to lift..

Once my mate and I  were headed north,up I77.There is a mountain stretch,that goes steadily up for 7 miles.This particular day happened to be one in which,the fog came in..Now on the north bound side of the road,a sheer drop is on the passenger side of the car..Oh yeah there is a little guard rail there.But ppleease,,I’ve viewed those,along side the roads in crumpled little masses..So I have very little trust in them protecting me from,going off the side of that mountain..Then when you see,[or more aptly in the fog hear ]cars and semi’s,pushing on and rushing by,heedless to the warning signs,it was very nerve wracking..It was a good day to have my Crutch..I talked to Him a lot,as we waited for the fog to lift..Eventually it did,lift..The sun came out and chased it away..How beautiful that sun appeared that day..As it shown,you could literally watch the fog roll out..Far out over the beautiful valley that lay at the foot of the mountains,the sun chased the fog away,and graced the land with it’s presence..We then could begin once more our assent,up the mountain range toward our home..

I was very glad to get home,after that trip..I was also very thankful,that we were not alone,we had the comfort of our Crutch,the One,we rely on in all circumstance’s of life,,good or bad..I was also grateful for the wisdom gained, from leaning upon Him..For instance,,He has taught us to heed warning signs..In stead of looking upon them as a hindrance to our “freedom”..I wonder how many frail humans,disregarded,,the warning signs and rushed on blindly,,to their harm,.or the harm of others..

What to do, what to do,,hopefully first and foremost,,know,,trust in and rely upon,,the Lord Jesus Christ..He is the Faithful One,,He said He would never leave us nor forsake us..Secondly know that He is most assuredly upon the Throne..In control,,watching over and ready to intervene at our request,,Second Chronicles 16:9,records the eyes{or heart ,Spirit}of the Lord runs,{seeking}through out the earth ,for those in whom He can show Himself strong for,{or in behalf of}..Who are those ones He can move for and in?The text declares,those who’s hearts are perfect towards Him..How are our hearts perfect towards Him,,simply by trusting,in Him,His goodness,faithfulness and ability..Letting Him be that “Crutch”,that we rest upon..The fog will lift,listen to Him and His words of promise..Wait for the fog to lift,and don’t go trying to push your own way through it..

Father God,we pray in the precious name of Your son,,Jesus,,even as He has taught us..We come in faith in Your goodness and Your heart’s desire,for us,which is peace, grace ,and mercy,,we come believing You hear and answer prayer..We ask for all of these blessings upon our nation,upon this earth,and upon Your people..Help us to not only trust and receive for ourselves,,but so much so that we can be the blessing You’ve called us to be in this earth..We know provision is meant to be sown through our hands,in times like this..Help us receive faith for the miracle of the fish and loafs,,that all that comes into our hands be blessed and multiplied,and passed to the multitudes..Your Kingdom come and Your WILL be done in US, Your people,,so it touches the world with Your love and abundance..We will be sure to give all the glory to You for You alone are worthy..We bless You and thank You now,,amen

God bless,

               A Poem from the year 2000,

The Gift,,

The absolute most precious gift,
that I can give to you,
Is the knowledge that the trying,
of your faith will work in you,
The trying of your faith’s,
so much more valuable than gold,
Cause once you’ve stood fast on My word
here’s what you will behold,
The absolute most precious gift,
that I can give to you,
Is the knowledge that the trying of your faith,
will work in you,
If faith is never tested,
how can you ever see,
If what you have been trusting in,
is all that it must be,
But once your faith is tried,
and peace has been restored,
You’ll know forever after,
you can rely upon your Lord.

c.d.m. 2000


About Cheryl

I'm from W.Va. living in Ohio.married [38 yrs],with 2 daughters, 3 grandkids,and 6 step grandkids.Live on a small farm, and have been an ordained minister since 1984.My husband and I both work, he in a factory, and I as a private care-giver. Moved around a lot in my younger yrs. have been planted here 39 yrs. Love the Lord, my family, my country and my life. Glad to meet you.
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One Response to What to do.[thought it could be shared again]

  1. connetta says:

    I don’t kow about everyone else..but i consider God my crutch..and have for a long time.
    this post is beautiful and well worth the read….

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