She never sat down for supper that night
” I’ve eaten,” she told a white lie.
A glass of ice water just before bed
a few nights a week to get by.

He kept right on working, on his lunch break
Bill offered to share he declined.
” No I’m not hungry,” he lied with a wink
for pity he wasn’t inclined.

Little pinched faces I’ve watched in the store
while following Mommy or Dad.
Childlike joy is wiped out by hunger
their countenance terribly sad.

Saw in some eyes a starry-eyed wonder.
One would think it was Christmas Day.
” Lord, just buying food to take to the house
should not thrill a child this way.”

You ask ” Tell me what is it, I can do?”
I’m glad that you’ve asked me today.
Please give to your local Food Pantry’s needs
and also remember to pray.

If we all give some, many needs can be met.

 Remember the story of ‘Stone Soup.’



About Cheryl

I'm from W.Va. living in Ohio.married [38 yrs],with 2 daughters, 3 grandkids,and 6 step grandkids.Live on a small farm, and have been an ordained minister since 1984.My husband and I both work, he in a factory, and I as a private care-giver. Moved around a lot in my younger yrs. have been planted here 39 yrs. Love the Lord, my family, my country and my life. Glad to meet you.
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One Response to Hunger

  1. Larry Who says:

    Awesome reminder. Thanks.

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