The Sun Dance


The sun was dancing in the sky
as fluffy soft white clouds rolled by.
The boughs of trees sway on the wind
they’d sway, caress and sway again.

Such beauty caught my breath away
on that glorious sunlit day,
the sights and sounds all carried me
into a state of ecstasy.

I rejoiced in my Maker’s hand.
He made it all, you understand.
When I reached up to touch His face,
He touched me back, there in that place.

Cheryl Davis Miller  7/9/14

photo by Terri Jeans Photography, Nelsonville Oh.


About Cheryl

I'm from W.Va. living in Ohio.married [38 yrs],with 2 daughters, 3 grandkids,and 6 step grandkids.Live on a small farm, and have been an ordained minister since 1984.My husband and I both work, he in a factory, and I as a private care-giver. Moved around a lot in my younger yrs. have been planted here 39 yrs. Love the Lord, my family, my country and my life. Glad to meet you.
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