A Prayer for Freedom of Depression,

A prayer for those who are ‘heart-sick’,

A common ailment,which many suffer of, in silence. A deadly combination.
The isolation, we sometimes fall into, and ‘feel’ like we can’t, or don’t wish to escape.
Isolation, the mind-set that no one knows, or is concerned, or could begin to understand, so why bother to try to reach out.
It only adds to an already unbearable situation. That is the first prayer, that you may ‘see’ that you are not alone. Some One cares, enough to allow me to sense your pain, and to reach out to you. Jesus did and still does, feel every pain, hear every concern, and offer,s the ONLY solution,
 His might and power. He still is on the Throne,
and has been given a Name, above every name, even depression, hopelessness, and heart-ache,  they must bow their knee,
  [relinquish the power to operate] at the NAME OF JESUS…
 …SO let’s pray

          Father in the name of Jesus we come, in full trust and belief in Your Word,
and promise to us, that if we ask ANY THING, in His name,and believe in our hearts,
we SHALL RECIEVE, what we ask. We believe Lord, help our unbelief, we ask You to
lift this veil of depression,help us Holy Spirit to recall the promises of our Lord,
He promised NEVER TO LEAVE US, that He would hear and answer our cries,
Lord Jesus You said, whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven,
So we act according to Your words,and in JESUS NAME, we bind [deem unlawful]
the spirit of depression, hopelessness, and anguish of soul, that is effecting us.
We thank You Lord, that you have borne our griefs and carried our sorrows,
and therefore, we can walk  FREE  while in this earth, for You came for us to have
life and LIFE ABUNDANT, right now, and forever Heaven with You. We receive the
PEACE, which You purchased for us, and the Joy of our Salvation. The possession’s
of the children of GOD, won for us at Calvary. Thank You Lord, for lifting us,
 from pit’s of despair, and causing us to stand again,on the Truth,
 of the Word of God, that old things have passed away, and we HAVE,
 been made new, by and through the POWER of YOUR BLOOD. We believe,
and so receive, and offer up thanks…THANK YOU JESUS, AMEN
Isaiah 53:4-5                                 Psalm 91,[ may you see the feathers,]


5 Responses to A Prayer for Freedom of Depression,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for my recovery from nervous breakdown, Im in the point of giving up, I often feel that I am losing my self control and stay in normal gesture. Right now, I’m here in dubai and I just filed my resignation and I have to wait for a month which is quite long for me because I’m the peak of the attack almost everyday. Ive been praying hard to our Dear Savior to strenghten me more or may he just carry me for I feel that I cannot extend anymore my strength to over come this trial. I woulld really appreciate and be thankful my brothers and sisters if you can pray for me on healing not just my mind and heart but for my soul too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Blessed be the name of the Lord and thank You for delivering this man from the lies of nervousness, Your word says be anxious for nothing… because You know all our needs even before we ask Amen and Amen in Jesus Name

  3. pash johnson says:

    please pray for me to success in my business

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m losing my battle of depression and lost ness. please pray foe me to be delivered out of this hell

  5. Cheryl says:

    I pray for the comfort of the Comforter, the peace of God, and the Light of His love to shine upon you and drive out all dispair, in jesus name. amen

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