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Spring is at the Door,

Hope I looked out, of the window today, and I was excited, to see, A Robin-red breast, there in the snow, peering back quizzically, at me, I exclaimed,”Oh guess what I just saw, on the 25th day, of January?, “Well … Continue reading

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The Shepherd of the Spotted Lamb

Cold and shivering, he came forth, into this world, that night, His  breath of life, shone clearly, in the moon’s, cascading light, His Mother, gently loving him, Her darling, baby boy, His spots, did not disquiet her, nor steal, that Mother’s … Continue reading

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Can you still see the Way?

Like a bridge over troubled water,,, Can you see where your headed?  The end of your journey?  Can we be sure?  It is all a matter of faith.  Or believing in something presented to us.  The Lord Jesus, has rightfully … Continue reading

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Go Away Snow…

    Go Away Snow I looked out to see the Sunlight dance across ice and snow today. I could not help but speak the word’s, “Snow please, go away.” Enough of trying to accept the season’s as they come; with … Continue reading

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The Promise

I heard geese flying over in the sky today. It was like Mother nature was trying to say, “Cheer up little girl on this blustery day, I promise you that spring time is well on its way!” cdm 1/26/15

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Someone To Talk To

Feeling lonely here in my cell, and there’s no one I can talk to. Rattle the bars and pace the floor, still there’s no one to tell it to. I call to mind my past mistakes those things now; I … Continue reading

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Pitiful,Petulant, Pouting Pete

Little petulant pouting Pete; he was use to having his way. Accustomed to others waiting, to hear whatever he would say. His Grannie had tried to tell him, you must stop sticking your lip out. Pete, you look just like a … Continue reading

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