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The House Wren

Maude Claris Belle [the wren] Life tells of many sad stories, lived out; and then told and retold. Listen and pay close attention their wisdom bears more weight than gold. Such is the case in this story of a girl called … Continue reading

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Spring is at the Door,

Hope I looked out, of the window today, and I was excited, to see, A Robin-red breast, there in the snow, peering back quizzically, at me, I exclaimed,”Oh guess what I just saw, on the 25th day, of January?, “Well … Continue reading

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The Judgement Seat

I dreamed I stood before You, Lord at Your final judgement seat. Thankful at last, to ‘see’ You. That in the flesh, We two could meet. ““““““““` You welcomed me, with open arms. Your eyes showed, love for me. Then … Continue reading

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The Shepherd of the Spotted Lamb

Cold and shivering, he came forth, into this world, that night, His  breath of life, shone clearly, in the moon’s, cascading light, His Mother, gently loving him, Her darling, baby boy, His spots, did not disquiet her, nor steal, that Mother’s … Continue reading

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The Abyss

The dangers of the black abyss objects; unseen, unheard. Can hinder footing in the dark amidst the waste cluttered. For whirling there in blackness are the pain of years gone by; generational waste, passed to the next one as they … Continue reading

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The Crusaders

Much is spoken when ones passes on and, they can no longer speak for themselves. Base nature causes one; to defame some, into darkness public opinion delves. Such is the case of Crusaders of old, those who had lived; and … Continue reading

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Go Away Snow…

    Go Away Snow I looked out to see the Sunlight dance across ice and snow today. I could not help but speak the word’s, “Snow please, go away.” Enough of trying to accept the season’s as they come; with … Continue reading

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