From the Lilly Bed [ A Page for Whisper’s]

I will add to this page,from time to time.
From 2003;

In pure simplicity, and total honesty,
and all the love, that these two arm’s could ever carry,
I bow, before Your grace,
I only seek, Your face,
cause I’m just here, to say I love You Lord,
As a bride would rush, preparing,
at the sound, of her Groom’s voice,
So my heart beat’s,when I hear You call my name,
Your love captured, then released me,
like a bird, upon the wind,
Yet I’m drawn to You, as a moth is drawn to flame,
[return to chorus]
6/03 c.d.m.
From 2001

You are everything, I need oh Lord,
Your everything I need, in my life,
My hearts every desire, oh Lord,
I find here, in this place,
And when I close my eyes,
and quiet my heart,
And simply seek Your face,
I find once more,
You are everything, I need.
[repeat;Yes when I,,]

7/01 c.d.m.

Jesus, Jesus, Truly there is no other,
Our Savior, and Shepherd,
The blessed, Son of God,
In no other, can man ever find salvation,
Except in You, Lord,
Sent from the Heart of God,

We cry, Jesus, Jesus,
With one heart, and voice,
We shall, proclaim,
Jesus, Jesus,
There is no other Name,

Then we cry, Holy, Holy,
Precious, because,
There is only, One,
All Glory, Glory,
Be unto, the Three in One.
5/03 c.d.m.

We have gathered,in this house,
to worship You, our King,
The priest’s,of the Most High God,
We offer up, our hearts,
in sacrifice, and sing,
The priest’s, of the Most High God,
So cleanse, and purify,
anoint, and sanctify,
consecrate us,
to Your service, Lord
[times 2, consecrate us to Your service Lord.]
2/2002 c.d.m.

From 1986

Holy, Holy, Holy,
oh Holy, is the Lamb,
Who gave Himself, a sacrifice,
to ransom, sinful man,
That’s why the saint’s, sing Glory,
oh give Glory, to the Lamb,
For He has made us, worthy,
Holy is, the Lamb,

We sing out, Glory, Glory,
all Glory to, the Lamb of God,
We cry out Holy, Holy,
Holy, is the Lamb of god.

1986 c.d.m.

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