The Rabbit Hole



Another one slipped down the ‘rabbit hole’
a victim of modern-day plague.
Of sorrow pain, and self medication
to escape; to the scape of the vague.

Gone without a word; of explanation
lost to us here in, this earthly realm.
She was gone many years prior to death
since life first began to overwhelm.

No time left for goodbyes, spoken to you
nor even one more ‘You will be missed.’
No chance for a hug, or a memory,
such as when your sweet cheek I last kissed.

Please children stay clear of the ‘rabbit hole,’
for no comfort will you find down there.
Just sorrow for those that you leave behind,
as you fall for the enemies snare.
Cheryl Davis Miller 9/18/16

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A leader
I am so disappointed in those of the conservative G.O.P.
That refused to abide by their pledge,
and support the winner of the Presidential race.

Unbelievable, they each in their own way, demonstrated,
the reason Trump has won the nomination.
Get this Trump displayed more maturity than all of them.

Cruz is perhaps the biggest disappointment of all.
Remember how he often reminded us, that we don’t have
4 more years to waste? Yet he is slimily placing himself
in position for 2020. He was my actual first choice,
except for the check in my spirit. One shared by most of my
Christian friends and many people in the workplace.

He proved the check correct, when he showed up at the GOP convention
to push his own agenda. He rightly was booed off the stage in the end.
He may as well go back to practice law, b/c most will not forget,
he broke his pledge. If he did so in this case,
how can we believe anything else he would promise?

Next is Kasich, gave him a look or two. He was above the fray,
wouldn’t get into mud-slinging. He was a CHRISTIAN.
But has no problem breaking his pledge, and acting like a pouting child.

Have I said how disappointed I am?  Oh yes, I see it now.

Then Rubio, I have loved that little guy since I first
saw him sweating it out, while reaching for his water.
What an orator, what a life story.
Quickly I saw during the debates, he cannot yet stand his ground.
So he gives his endorsement, via Skype or whatever.
He can now join the big boys club, i.e. Bush, Cruz and Kasich’s,
and say he did not go either. What was he afraid Mr. Trump
would grab Little Marco and give him some noogies, like Bill Murray
on S.N.L. ala Todd and Lisa?

Then the Bush’s none showing up. I have supported them,
defended them, and loved them since G.H.W.’s stint as VP.
Sadly ashamed.

Have I told you how disappointed I am?
Well I am GLAD Mr.Trump was my final choice.

Cheryl Davis Miller 7/21/16

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The Garden’s Fee



I planted a garden
a thing of beauty.
Each plant placed with forethought
and love tenderly.

I watered and pruned it
fed it cautiously.
Carefully arranged my
garden symphony.

One day it had grown to
full capacity.
It was time to un-robe
my thing of beauty.

So long I’d tended it
down on bended knee.
When finished there were none
to view it with me.

I realized sadly
my garden’s true fee;
had taken my whole life
and left me lonely.

A gardens for sharing
with one’s family;
else there are none to view
your work of beauty.

c.d.m. 6 / 5/ 16

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Is he Wright’s chicken coming home
to America to roost?
Perhaps the gate-keeper from hell
satan’s legions to unloose.

 Either way one things for certain;
Obama’s not on our side.
In every possible way
common sense he has denied.

He has divided all semblance
of one nation under God;
disregards our Constitution
onto which he runs roughshod.

The ‘Divider in Chief’ is how
we  will all sadly recall;
how he had promised ‘hope and change’
but brought bitterness and gall.

Wants to transform our great nation
more like Cuba and Fidel;
but much to his disdain they said,
“Hey Obama go to hell!”

“We remember the embargo
can’t forget the Bay of Pigs;
when your nation had a leader
his red lines, he’d not renege.”

Seems that communist think clearer
than the average liberal.
Obama’s Legacy will read
‘Presidency of a fool.’

cdm 3/29/16

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Shaft’s Shadow



Attempts  walking in the shadow
of a man known as ‘Shaft’
epitome of cool right from;
that old seventies draft.

To cool to ever bother with
an Isis massacre.
So even human decency
to underlings defer.

So he’ll wave along with Raoul
while at the baseball game;
then take both planes to Argentine
poor people bear the blame.

It’s their ‘heat source’ and way of life
causing global warming.
Not private jets two at a time
nor excessive blabbing.

Nero played while Rome was burning
not so in Chicago;
no time to learn an instrument
tries dancing the Tango.

So all of these examples are
aimed to; display his cool.
Sorry Mister Obama to
poor folks you play the fool.

cdm 3/25/16

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Spring is at the Door,

Future Post


I looked out, of the window today,
and I was excited, to see,
A Robin-red breast, there in the snow,
peering back quizzically, at me,
I exclaimed,”Oh guess what I just saw,
on the 25th day, of January?,
“Well I  just don’t know, what’s excited you so,”
answered, sweet Rosemary.

I shared with her, what I had viewed
and the cause for my exclamation!
That when once we see the Robin’s return;
it’s a call for winter’s cessation.
That country folk have believed it is so
for generation’s, now long since past.
And that all try to be; the first one to see
the foretelling of Spring’s coming at last.

With that the sun suddenly peeked out
for the very first time that day.
As if right on que; to confirm the sight too
that Spring surely is coming our way.
I offered up thanks to my Father;
that all thing’s have beginning and end.
That winter’s long grip is passing
and that Spring is coming my friend…


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The Porch and the Altar

Thought this post could be relevant today.

Dancing with believers's Blog


Joel 2:17; Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, Weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, “Spare Thy people, O Lord, and  give not Thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them, wherefore [why] should they say among the people ,”Where is their God?”

Between the porch and the altar.    The dwelling place of those, who are referred to as Priests and Ministers of the Lord. [ We are referred to as such]  Porches representing Portals, Entry ways, to the Altar.  The place of worship, access and ministry, to the Most High God.

The dual calling, or purpose, and Life of the people of God.  The scripture states; Let them weep. [Hebrew=Bakah – to weep, bewail, complain, mourn, be sore with tears]. Also a tree grown in the region the’ weeping tree’ of the balsam  or mulberry family.

Also a valley,  in the Holy Land.  The Valley…

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