Purple Haze


Another life has passed today
lost in a purple haze.
Tears flow from family and friends
all due to a drug craze.

Haze of the craze; a moments ease
from some of life’s turmoil.
but for relief the cost has been
a life of crime and toil.

A fair exchange, I ask of you
for moments of relief?
A life cut short with disregard
by purple haze, a thief.

There is no beauty in that life
no glamour can be found.
Heart sick souls that seek relief in
a purple haze are drowned.

Angels are weeping in heaven
for that which might have been;
if purple haze had never won
the war called heroine.

cheryl davis miller 11/28/16

9/17/16       11/28/16

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The Apple Cart


The upsetting of the apple cart,
feared by both sides of the aisle.
Total eclipse of what I’ve held to,
both sides are revealed to be vile.

Who can we look to for honesty
for substance to lend us credence?
When the highest court in all the land
shows an unjust weight and balance.

No one in Washington desires change,
they love the deception at court.
Portraying a facade of factions
they truly just ‘themselves’ support.

We’re on our own if Hillary wins,
because all will remain the same.
Both sides of the aisle serving self,
representing US only in name.

So look at the apples neatly stacked
but there won’t be any for you.
Only the crooked ones at the top
will partake of the revenue.
cheryl davis miller 10/14/16

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The House Wren

dec.13 014

Maude Claris Belle
[the wren]

Life tells of many sad stories,
lived out; and then told and retold.
Listen and pay close attention
their wisdom bears more weight than gold.

Such is the case in this story
of a girl called Maude Claris Belle.
Someone I’ve loved very deeply
with sadness her story I’ll tell.

She was born to a large family
fourth child; amidst all the rest.
Bolder ones; vied for attention,
Maude Claris would settle for less.

Created her own world to live in,
books and creatures; her dearest friends.
Her siblings danced in the spotlight,
as Maude recoiled deeper within.

In the clamor of life none noted,
how silent Maude Claris had grown.
She never cried out for attention,
so her anguish was sadly; unknown.

The others moved on and flew the nest,
Maude Claris let life pass her by.
A scoundrel came home with her brother,
and caught Maude Claris’ eye.

Though  she was twenty she was naive
an innocent to the way’s of bad men.
The galoot had a way with the women,
and set out to reel Maude Claris in.

He needed a slave, to tend to his home,
his children and other base needs.
So he scooped her up and married her quick,
before she could learn of his deeds.

The  little ‘house wren’ opened her heart
the oaf completely filled that place.
For a time she put all into that union,
till she vanished; leaving no trace.

Don’t get me wrong she’s still alive.
Well; her shadow still can be found.
But since the divorce the old Maude Claris,
has never more come around.

Now she’s an aggressive unloving soul,
her heart echo’s, “never again.”
Now she favors, a harsh’ bird of prey’,
instead of a little house wren.

Her children  grew up in her shadow
believing it’s how it must be.
This story, of Maude Claris Belle’s life
is a very sad story to me.


Hebrew’s 12:15; Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;

This poem is based on a true story, an ongoing story. How ever there is still life, so there is still hope.
Bitterness, stands out in sweet surroundings, it’s a shock to the taste-buds, a slap to the heart. As the scripture says, it springs up, denoting suddenly. When something bitter pops up [so to speak] from our lips or even just in our thoughts, we need to take note and begin to dig and ‘uproot’, that root, before it spreads.
The word tells us, ‘For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’
See a root of bitterness has vining  tendency’s and will cling to what ever is near, thereby defiling others. Vines don’t consider the host, they are clinging to and climbing over. They just want to survive.
Bitter vines want to thrive and multiply. Please pray for Maude [fake name], and pray one for another, that we not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.     Cheryl

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Wild and Crazy Times


Obama’s walking in; like Steve Martin,
as he once played “a wild and crazy guy”
Kerry joins the fray, with Botox display
wishes simply to Obama’s will, comply.

Lynch bends the law to set Hillary free
makes a joke of the law we all obey.
This group riddled the law; to screw us all.
Round’s out this motley crew with James Comey.

Huma Aberdeen, an Iranian,
I’m sure she has our interests at heart.
Valerie Jarrett too, the Whitehouse shrew
wants the constitution law to depart.

Who will free us from the traitorous clan,
and then raise ‘Old Glory’ high once again?
You and I my friend, this message we send;
only Trump will defend the working man.

Hear their half-filled screams, the elite mainstreams,
as they mock and call us deplorable?
But there’s coming a day, they all will say;
” Well I guess a Trump win, was feasible.”
Cheryl Davis Miller 9 /21 /16

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The Rabbit Hole



Another one slipped down the ‘rabbit hole’
a victim of modern-day plague.
Of sorrow pain, and self medication
to escape; to the scape of the vague.

Gone without a word; of explanation
lost to us here in, this earthly realm.
She was gone many years prior to death
since life first began to overwhelm.

No time left for goodbyes, spoken to you
nor even one more ‘You will be missed.’
No chance for a hug, or a memory,
such as when your sweet cheek I last kissed.

Please children stay clear of the ‘rabbit hole,’
for no comfort will you find down there.
Just sorrow for those that you leave behind,
as you fall for the enemies snare.
Cheryl Davis Miller 9/18/16

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A leader
I am so disappointed in those of the conservative G.O.P.
That refused to abide by their pledge,
and support the winner of the Presidential race.

Unbelievable, they each in their own way, demonstrated,
the reason Trump has won the nomination.
Get this Trump displayed more maturity than all of them.

Cruz is perhaps the biggest disappointment of all.
Remember how he often reminded us, that we don’t have
4 more years to waste? Yet he is slimily placing himself
in position for 2020. He was my actual first choice,
except for the check in my spirit. One shared by most of my
Christian friends and many people in the workplace.

He proved the check correct, when he showed up at the GOP convention
to push his own agenda. He rightly was booed off the stage in the end.
He may as well go back to practice law, b/c most will not forget,
he broke his pledge. If he did so in this case,
how can we believe anything else he would promise?

Next is Kasich, gave him a look or two. He was above the fray,
wouldn’t get into mud-slinging. He was a CHRISTIAN.
But has no problem breaking his pledge, and acting like a pouting child.

Have I said how disappointed I am?  Oh yes, I see it now.

Then Rubio, I have loved that little guy since I first
saw him sweating it out, while reaching for his water.
What an orator, what a life story.
Quickly I saw during the debates, he cannot yet stand his ground.
So he gives his endorsement, via Skype or whatever.
He can now join the big boys club, i.e. Bush, Cruz and Kasich’s,
and say he did not go either. What was he afraid Mr. Trump
would grab Little Marco and give him some noogies, like Bill Murray
on S.N.L. ala Todd and Lisa?

Then the Bush’s none showing up. I have supported them,
defended them, and loved them since G.H.W.’s stint as VP.
Sadly ashamed.

Have I told you how disappointed I am?
Well I am GLAD Mr.Trump was my final choice.

Cheryl Davis Miller 7/21/16

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The Garden’s Fee



I planted a garden
a thing of beauty.
Each plant placed with forethought
and love tenderly.

I watered and pruned it
fed it cautiously.
Carefully arranged my
garden symphony.

One day it had grown to
full capacity.
It was time to un-robe
my thing of beauty.

So long I’d tended it
down on bended knee.
When finished there were none
to view it with me.

I realized sadly
my garden’s true fee;
had taken my whole life
and left me lonely.

A gardens for sharing
with one’s family;
else there are none to view
your work of beauty.

c.d.m. 6 / 5/ 16

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