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The Judgement Seat

I dreamed I stood before You, Lord at Your final judgement seat. Thankful at last, to ‘see’ You. That in the flesh, We two could meet. ““““““““` You welcomed me, with open arms. Your eyes showed, love for me. Then … Continue reading

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The Shepherd of the Spotted Lamb

Cold and shivering, he came forth, into this world, that night, His  breath of life, shone clearly, in the moon’s, cascading light, His Mother, gently loving him, Her darling, baby boy, His spots, did not disquiet her, nor steal, that Mother’s … Continue reading

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The Crusaders

Much is spoken when ones passes on and, they can no longer speak for themselves. Base nature causes one; to defame some, into darkness public opinion delves. Such is the case of Crusaders of old, those who had lived; and … Continue reading

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My Friend

When left out on the streets alone Lord, you were always there. When no one else was listening with You Lord, I could share. Sometimes I leave that girl behind forget how life was then. When I felt oh so … Continue reading

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She Smiles…

She smiles as she ponders on the yesterdays now past. She smiles in the afterglow of victories steadfast. She smiles though she knows there’s more behind her than before. She smiles for she knows who waits; to greet her on … Continue reading

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The Fix

I’ve seen a sadness in your eyes that breaks my heart to see Yet all the while you try to hide your feelings far from me. We’ve known each other for to long to hide such emotion. So I’ve laid … Continue reading

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The End

    A Mommy somewhere is crying a child’s alone tonight A mate tries to face tomorrow while Dad sheds tears out of sight. One mourns a friend gone forever someones plan seems to be lost. There’s none left untouched by … Continue reading

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