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Home for Christmas

No home to go to for Christmas, more than just the homeless can tout. There’s other’s alone on Christmas; so that’s what this short poem’s about. Many my age do get lonely especially at this time of year. As children … Continue reading

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A shudder running up my spine without reason nor any rhyme a constant process I confess reminder of my loneliness. Where are the answers I once knew where are the friendships I thought true? Hands to hold, and ears to … Continue reading

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Dead at Heart

How could it be that I grieve so yet you never remember me? Try to move on, forward not back but my head and heart can’t agree. How’s one pretend, it matters not? One half of a whole’s still the … Continue reading

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The Fix

I’ve seen a sadness in your eyes that breaks my heart to see Yet all the while you try to hide your feelings far from me. We’ve known each other for to long to hide such emotion. So I’ve laid … Continue reading

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The End

    A Mommy somewhere is crying a child’s alone tonight A mate tries to face tomorrow while Dad sheds tears out of sight. One mourns a friend gone forever someones plan seems to be lost. There’s none left untouched by … Continue reading

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Maybe He Should Have,

A parable was spoken, by the Saviour  long ago, the content’s of the parable, I am sure you know, The parable of the Father, who had two precious son’s, One who stayed beside Him, the Other who just runs, One … Continue reading

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Family in Heaven and Earth. Continue reading

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