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The Dog Fight

Well the dogs have begun to fight amongst themselves it’s a sight for the nation to behold. Al Sharpton’s going after Rahm Emanuel that’s like the pot thinking it’s; made of gold. Double opportunists wrestling for the main stage neither … Continue reading

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The Moon’s Woe

Moon has danced within Earth’s orbit, gliding by her through the night. Watching her throughout the ages, then beholds a woeful sight. When up is down, and down is up; in is out; and out is in, good is bad; … Continue reading

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A Poem and a Prayer for the Miners..

A prayer and a Poem for the Miners. Continue reading

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From the Poets Nook,,Living in this world below,,,

  I think probably every one,,has heard,,or read of the horrible incident,,that happened at Walmart..The fact it came about on the day following,,Thanksgiving,,only high lighted the effect it had on everyone..Connie and I did what we usally do,,talked,,prayed,,and wrote..We wanted to … Continue reading

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