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The Bucket

When the bucket is empty and the well has run dry which way shall we all turn and to Whom shall we then cry? Denying the evidence of the Creator’s hand we’ve bartered and borrowed we refuse to understand. That … Continue reading

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Spring is at the Door,

Hope I looked out, of the window today, and I was excited, to see, A Robin-red breast, there in the snow, peering back quizzically, at me, I exclaimed,”Oh guess what I just saw, on the 25th day, of January?, “Well … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Train

There is a slow train coming; it is just beyond the curve. I hear the whistle blowing it brings what you deserve. We have watched you smile coyly while others backs you climb. Now comes a day of reckoning; and … Continue reading

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The Judgement Seat

I dreamed I stood before You, Lord at Your final judgement seat. Thankful at last, to ‘see’ You. That in the flesh, We two could meet. ““““““““` You welcomed me, with open arms. Your eyes showed, love for me. Then … Continue reading

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My Friend

When left out on the streets alone Lord, you were always there. When no one else was listening with You Lord, I could share. Sometimes I leave that girl behind forget how life was then. When I felt oh so … Continue reading

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Can you still see the Way?

Like a bridge over troubled water,,, Can you see where your headed?  The end of your journey?  Can we be sure?  It is all a matter of faith.  Or believing in something presented to us.  The Lord Jesus, has rightfully … Continue reading

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The Promise

I heard geese flying over in the sky today. It was like Mother nature was trying to say, “Cheer up little girl on this blustery day, I promise you that spring time is well on its way!” cdm 1/26/15

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