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Kate’s Law

I had a dream like Martin Luther King. Where I lived in a sovereign nation. My children could play in the streets each day, without fear from an alien gunman. But the people slept as base henchmen crept, into office’s … Continue reading

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Purple Haze

Another life has passed today lost in a purple haze. Tears flow from family and friends all due to a drug craze. Haze of the craze; a moments ease from some of life’s turmoil. but for relief the cost has … Continue reading

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The Apple Cart

The upsetting of the apple cart, feared by both sides of the aisle. Total eclipse of what I’ve held to, both sides are revealed to be vile. Who can we look to for honesty for substance to lend us credence? … Continue reading

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The 3:am Call

I guess you missed that 3:am call you once glibly boasted about. Your lack of attention to requests leaves many with a sense of doubt. We question if you were President would you answer our cries for aid? Or turn … Continue reading

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Pray, for my baby,,

  I entered the hospital waiting room,to find Carrie, pacing the floor, She reached out to me ,with panic filled eyes said,”the doctors can do no more, So pray for my baby, it’s my only hope, that God’s power to … Continue reading

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derailed,,,yet waiting?

This picture,speaks to me…Of many precious children of God…And the condition of heart ,we sometimes find ourselves in…Derailed,,how,when,,we are not quite sure…Yet some how we find, we are off track…Disappointed in some one, or some thing…Questioning,,how did this happen? Where did … Continue reading

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