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The Bucket

When the bucket is empty and the well has run dry which way shall we all turn and to Whom shall we then cry? Denying the evidence of the Creator’s hand we’ve bartered and borrowed we refuse to understand. That … Continue reading

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Forever True

And as we fail He loves us still, The Lamb of God Our Fathers will. That none be lost No none at all The captive sons Of Adams fall. He yet cries out, “Child where are you?” Father and Son, … Continue reading

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The Poison

There is a poison, and it’s effect is the strongest of all kind. For it destroys from the inside out while stealing all peace of mind. Ingested is such small doses it’s results are not on display. When you have … Continue reading

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Divided Love

Mary had her spent life lavishly; she had lived it so hard and fast. She met a man in the marketplace Who told her all about her past. She stared into His eyes in dismay; as He spoke,” Mary start … Continue reading

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The Judge

I watched her crumpled form lie there, softly trembling in the dust. Tears of shame, now filled her eyes, replacing burning lust. Her accusers, gathered around her, glaring in angry disgust. Demanding the Law, be followed in full, ‘For surely … Continue reading

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From the Poet’s nook, Time

A place for lyric,and rhyme,,friendship and sharing,,, Continue reading

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The Twisting[ or Hell’s Bell’s are Ringing]

I watched, as a slender spider web, was  being twisted, on the wind, Seeing, the stark similarities, to what is twisting, so many friends, Being blown about, by the many word’s, of these new-fangled ‘Brainiac’s’, As they skillfully spin,  a … Continue reading

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