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Home for Christmas

No home to go to for Christmas, more than just the homeless can tout. There’s other’s alone on Christmas; so that’s what this short poem’s about. Many my age do get lonely especially at this time of year. As children … Continue reading

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Forever True

And as we fail He loves us still, The Lamb of God Our Fathers will. That none be lost No none at all The captive sons Of Adams fall. He yet cries out, “Child where are you?” Father and Son, … Continue reading

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The Apple Cart

The upsetting of the apple cart, feared by both sides of the aisle. Total eclipse of what I’ve held to, both sides are revealed to be vile. Who can we look to for honesty for substance to lend us credence? … Continue reading

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The Shallow End

I sought you out in the shallow end you do not wade out in the deep. You seek today for a plastic friend to come and go; not one to keep. You bare a painted on, smile these days it … Continue reading

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Little Jay Carney and Friends

                 A limerick for little Jay Carney. Whose filled with political blarney. His boss tells him jump! Jay being a chump; lies more than a Carnival ‘carny.’ Try telling the truth for once Jay, you may find your mouth will … Continue reading

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The Empty Place

A silence fell across the room, so burdensome all could feel it’s weight. The children’s hearts all skipped a beat, while staring down at dinner plates. ““ Someone cried out,” Tell us Abba, what is this sorrow, till now unknown?” … Continue reading

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The Farmer’s Blue’s [ what-cha gonna eat? ]

The Bankers told the  Farmers, not so very long ago. “Borrow big don’t worry boys, the markets gonna grow.” “Buy ground and get machinery, all shiny and brand new. Heed us and your Ag-man cause we’re here Bud; just for you.” Some … Continue reading

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