Welcome as His Reign, Our reason for being.


Wow, if any of you have been with us, since our birth in Nov.08,
you know there have been a lot of changes.  Just as a new-born’s need lots of changes ,so have we.
But that is all part of learning and growing. I think we have finally found a theme, that works well with our “theme”..
Which is “Jesus and more of Him”.
I want to thank Connie for her help and contributions,
which are many.  Also my computer for all of its assistance.
{with spelling and all} Also sweet Helen who sowed this p.c. ,
into the ministry.  And First and Foremost the Lord for the opportunity to serve, in any capacity.
My husband, Michael and I have been ordained into and,
in service since 1984.   Since the year  2000 we have served as Founders and Co Pastor’s of The Fathers House of Ministry.
We are a small {in number} congregation with a very large and willing heart.
God has been good. We hope to have some words from some of them in the future.  So grab a cup of coffee or tea and take your time to look around. Add a comment or insight or a prayer  request. Hopefully you will find some thing to Bless you and help make you even more of a Blessing. Don’t forget to check the archives.
“If you enter as a stranger; may you leave as a friend.”



1 Response to Welcome as His Reign, Our reason for being.

  1. John says:

    It seems by your posts,you are trying to reach people on many different levels of their Christian walk.Keep up the Good Work! Pictures are great,posts too.I’ll be back.

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