The Poet’s Nook,,{nook an interior corner} Share your poetry here, We all have a little poet in us.


We want to create a place to share thoughts and poems.
Some about life but all about God.  You can not take Him
out of any equation.  For He is the center of all life.
The Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End.
Hope we can enjoy and share.
This place of lyric, and rhyme,
the life and love of God.

                                 Life is like a poem
transcribed in lyric  or in rhyme.
At times  sweet summer savory.
At times a minty thyme.
In crashing wave or gentle tide.
In blue skies or in grey.
Life is like a poem.
That you can write, or sing or pray.


5 Responses to The Poet’s Nook,,{nook an interior corner} Share your poetry here, We all have a little poet in us.

  1. SEEDS…..

    Once I awoke within a dream.
    to find that peace had come.
    All the world had freedom.
    there was not one evil done.
    Every war had ended,
    and hunger was no more.
    life had so much meaning,
    when, it never did before.
    Yet, I was the only one.
    left upon this earth
    for death had come to everyone,
    who would not give peace birth.
    I saw about myself no sign
    of modern mortal men.
    Yet I remembered yesterday
    and how the world had been.
    I screamed to God to tell me why.
    Oh why He did not hold,
    peace within the hearts of men,
    treasured more than gold?
    &quote ;it was then I heard a silent voice,
    come from it seemed the sky,
    &quote;if everything were perfect,
    one would not need to try.
    There shall be the hungry ones,
    as well as those quite full.
    There shall be the loving hearts,
    as well as those quite cruel.
    There shall be the fortunate,
    as well as those in need.
    Peace won’t come till everyone,
    plants a peacefull seed.
    It was then I asked the silent voice,
    to tell me one by one.
    Where had been the peaceful seeds,
    to plant by everyone?
    The voice became a whisper,
    then it quivered than it cried.
    Search your heart and soul each day,
    for they are there inside.
    If everyone quite fortunate,
    helped out just one in need,
    the full would feed the hungry,
    but that’s just one peaceful seed.
    I awoke from that dream to find,
    some follow some shall lead.
    But one thing that we all can do,
    is plant that peacefull seed.

    Poem by Connie Vanmatre

  2. Cheryl says:

    Thanks Connie,for sharing one of your “peaceful seeds” love sis.c

  3. “The Blood of Thousands”

    Thousands upon thousands are slain
    Each year, are killed in cruel, cold blood.
    Thousands cry out, but to no avail—
    They are attacked with cruelest hate.

    They scream and shout!
    But do we care? No! and we never will!
    Let’s murder some more! Kill more from inside!
    It doesn’t hurt us in the least!

    They’re as dead as dead can ever get—
    They’ll not trouble us again.
    They are gone and now you can rejoice!
    Take pride in your murder of innocent blood!

    Who are these thousands killed every year?
    The infants in your womb!
    Murderess! ! Fiend! Heartless animal!
    You don’t deserve motherhood!

    Abort them. Go ahead. At least they’re in a better place,
    A place you’ll never go! At least it’s over, and they
    Didn’t have to deal with you, selfish pig!
    I hope that guilt tears you apart the way you did to them!

    This is abortion.
    This is evil.
    This is…..

  4. Cheryl says:

    Thanks Paige,for adding your poem. Paige is a 15 yr. old,who writes on Poem Hunters.

  5. Tracie Donaldson says:

    I came here to find some peace,
    to feel the Master’s grace,
    I found all that I sought for,
    and saw His dear sweet face.

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