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The Rabbit Hole

  Another one slipped down the ‘rabbit hole’ a victim of modern-day plague. Of sorrow pain, and self medication to escape; to the scape of the vague. Gone without a word; of explanation lost to us here in, this earthly … Continue reading

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The Abyss

The dangers of the black abyss objects; unseen, unheard. Can hinder footing in the dark amidst the waste cluttered. For whirling there in blackness are the pain of years gone by; generational waste, passed to the next one as they … Continue reading

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Annie A sad good-by, to you Annie, You were “mama’s” girl, for so long, All tho, I never bore you, I helped you, grow up to be strong, Twenty-one years, I’ve tended you, Since your real mom, passed away, After … Continue reading

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