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The Judgement Seat

I dreamed I stood before You, Lord at Your final judgement seat. Thankful at last, to ‘see’ You. That in the flesh, We two could meet. ““““““““` You welcomed me, with open arms. Your eyes showed, love for me. Then … Continue reading

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The Shallow End

I sought you out in the shallow end you do not wade out in the deep. You seek today for a plastic friend to come and go; not one to keep. You bare a painted on, smile these days it … Continue reading

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The Shepherd of the Spotted Lamb

Cold and shivering, he came forth, into this world, that night, His  breath of life, shone clearly, in the moon’s, cascading light, His Mother, gently loving him, Her darling, baby boy, His spots, did not disquiet her, nor steal, that Mother’s … Continue reading

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Police Lives Matter

We all vowed to serve and protect  to lay our lives down if need be.  Young hearts with great expectations  jubilant and also naive. Day after day while recalling  our purpose believed to be found;  instead viewed as an enemy … Continue reading

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My Friend

When left out on the streets alone Lord, you were always there. When no one else was listening with You Lord, I could share. Sometimes I leave that girl behind forget how life was then. When I felt oh so … Continue reading

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Excuse Me

If we lived in a gentler time my words would kinder be. The harshness of terrain these days can get the best of me. So please excuse the coarseness of my language now and then, I only mean to speak … Continue reading

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A Time To Stand

The time for polite niceties is now far in the past. It’s time to put our war boots on before the die is cast. Too many generations have grown-up beneath a cloud; of crookedness in leadership so we must cry … Continue reading

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